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Almillion, the world-leading company for aluminum ornaments. We offer support for production and supply through our international and domestic network for everything from a single item of a part to EMS that involves material procurement. We developed “Peg Amore,” a device for brain training and evaluation of cognitive function in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba and Shiroku.

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Shinei Sangyo offers a diverse range of operations, and we can use our advanced technology and rich experience to support your business. From the production and supply of single parts, to structural testing and prototype assessment, we offer dynamic EMS (manufacture on assignment) with material procurement support to our customers through the Shinei group’s national and international network.
Aluminum decoration
We can produce products with a diverse range of designs from aluminum plates by combining machine processing (pressing, diamond cut, hairline, and sand blasting) and surface treatment (alumite, printing, and etching).
We offer production from the drawing board onward and give shape to our customers’ ideas.  

Diverse color aluminum with good weather resistance
We can realize a diverse range of colors from deep dark tones to vivid colors with a brilliance that other companies cannot achieve .
Not only is it suitable for indoor usage, but its high weather and erosion resistance (UV light, acid rain, and salt damage) make it good for outdoor usage

Super etching
We offer super etching that is deeper than other companies’ treatments (up to 0.2) and that offers sharp edges
We have accomplished high-precision pattern super-etching using normal etching techniques (depth 0.05–0.15 mm)

High resolution silkscreen
±0.1 mm precision in repeated positioning is achieved through automatic positioning correction controlled by a CCD camera
Rich tone and full color printing is achieved through the use of high-precision silkscreen patterns
Special ink enables press molding after printing. 

Special hairlines
We can accommodate a diverse range of vibration and scramble hairlines. 
We can also design new hairline patterns. 

Development in Japan and production overseas. 
We conduct development in Japan with mass production overseas (New Corona, Vietnam).
We can offer speedy development and competitive pricing through our integrated production at Shinei Corona Vietnam. 
We can accommodate a diverse range of products from precision parts to large panels. 
As we are capable of integrated production starting from mold making, we can provide high-quality products as a one-stop service.  

Main facility
Double column-type press line 300t (E2W300)
Press line 200t (OBS200)
Robot press line 110t (OBS110)
Automatic press 200t(OBS200)

Product examples
Back covers, frames, server frame units, laptop back panels, back chassis for liquid crystal monitors, and back covers for plasma monitors.
Sheet metal processing
We conduct precision processing of sheet metal using laser processing machines, NTC (turret punch presses) and bender machines.
We can accommodate a diverse range of products, from test manufacturing to mass production, and which include precision drawing, arc welding and TIG welding (stainless steel, iron, and aluminum). 

Main facility
Turret punch presses
Bender machines
Laser processing
Projection welders
R chamfering machines

Product examples
Chassis, cooling fins for vehicles, case, domestic accumulators, and communication devices for NTT.
EMS (Outsourced manufacturing)
We provide integrated assembly from material procurement of devices and units that are used nationally and internationally in a diverse range of fields, including electric and electronic devices (printers, servers, and storage units), industrial devices, and medical devices.  

Product examples
Digital cinemas, scanner units, DVD-ROM drives, electronic goldfish bowls, auto cutters (round bladed), and peripheral devices for amusement.
Structural design
We conduct development and design of structural components using 3D CAD, production of trial manufacturing, setting of evaluation criteria for prototypes and their primary evaluation, and research on various relevant regulations for commercialization. 
By combining these with our component and EMS businesses, we can offer an integrated process from development onward.  
Development and design of machines and trial manufacturing
Setting of primary evaluation criteria for trial manufacturing
Research on relevant commercial regulations

Development examples
Multifunctional stands and lamp housings for digital cinemas
ODDM: ODM service
We integrate planning, appearance design, production development design, evaluation testing, parts manufacturing and material procurement using Shinei group's national and international network, conduct product assembly in coordination with our existing EMS business and deliver it to our customers. 
(ODDM: Original Design & Development Manufacturing)

Design and Development
We offer planning, appearance design, structural design using 3DCAD, trial manufacturing, function evaluation, reliability testing for commercial production, and research on various product standards. By coordinating with our parts business and EMS business, we offer everything from mass production of parts to product assembly.  
Product design
Design mock-ups
Trial manufacturing
3D structural design
Program software development
Electric circuit design

■ Trial manufacturing
We offer trial precision processing of sheet metal using laser processing machines, turret punches and press brakes, as well as production of plastic parts using 3D printers, parts procurement, circuit board assembly, harness procurement, trial assembly, and evaluations, all with a short turnaround. 

■ Dies and molds
In addition to the precision press dies for common processing of steel plate and thin metal plates such as aluminum, copper and magnesium alloy, we also produce mold metal dies that are compatible with POM, ABS and engineering plastic. We are a one-stop service for the supply of high quality parts.  We have earned high praise from our customers for our single-use dies, progressive dies, robot dies and mold dies as well as production numbers and VE proposals that are compatible with specified product shapes.  

■ Press mold
We have established an efficient production method for both mass production and high-mix low-volume production that uses various cutting edge equipment and production technology that we have acquired over many years of experience. Our motto is “There is no end to improvement.” We pursue improvements in production technology by listening to the adaptable ideas of our staff.  

■ Product assembly
We conduct assembly of electronic equipment for various applications across a diverse range of fields, including special printers, storage devices, industrial devices, medical devices, and communication devices.  We can accommodate a diverse range of requirements, from case assembly and wiring, to electrical current testing, operations checks, and safety testing. 
Cognitive function evaluation and brain training device "Peg Amore"
Both our professional and private-use devices are capable of evaluating the cognitive function of the operator within approximately 2 min. 
Improvement is possible if a decline in cognitive function is detected at an early stage. 
From its development to commercialization, this device was jointly produced by Tsukuba University and Shinei Sangyo. 
Moreover, this device has a brain-training functionality. The professional version is able to estimate the gender, age, and expression of the operator
in addition to providing facial recognition. It learns to read the expression of the operator through facial recognition and analysis that is conducted
as if the operator is talking to an occupational therapist.
The difficulty level of the program changes based on its reading of the facial expression of the operator, which makes brain training fun. 

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