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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:39


We have dissected fixed concepts and created technology that yields fixed profits

We are involved in the development, design, manufacture, sales, and engineering of “ECOVENT,” which allows unprecedented levels of discharge of gasses in dies and molds. We hold patents and peripheral patents around the world, which are widely used by manufacturers overseas. 

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Sales Pitch

Patented technology completed after many failures
It removes 99.9% of residual gas of displacement which is 100 times more than gas venting

ECO-WIND is an exhaust system to effectively displace gas and air from the inside of dies and molds used in injection molding to the outside.
ECOVENT’s unparalleled and impressive displacement uses our original technology and has obtained patents in nine countries.
It can be used for the molding of diverse resin, from universal resin to super engineering plastic type resin.
One shot molding. Complex shapes can be formed with a single mold. A new technology paradigm that revolutionizes design.

ECO-EJECT is an insertion-type mold release support part that makes core-side mold release easier without limitations such as undercut strokes. 
horizontal sliding release is enabled by inserting this product into a standard mold. 
It has enabled one-shot molding using only a single mold even for minute shapes that had previously been considered to be difficult to produce using injection molding. 
This is an original technology of ECOVENT that has been patented around the world. It is a revolutionary technology that radically changes existing ideas about design. 
Main sales partner
KEN Mould Service
Headquarters: Adachi Ward, Tokyo A distributor of the “ECOWIND” system, which is our main product. 

A major trading company that specializes in precision measuring instruments. Distributor of the “ECOWIND” system.
We have 10 offices in Japan, covering the whole country.  We also have a wide international network with offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Shenzhen. Distribution and trade fair participation across Asia. 

We have a network of other companies in France, Canada, North America, and Singapore that we can utilize in our industry.

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