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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:06

NISOUL Co., Ltd.

Creating products with the heart of "Watama,"  demonstrating the Japanese mindset to the world, — our company is the developer/distributor of Cadlus CAD/CAM software for PCB design

Our company supports customers in designing and developing PCBs using CAD, and also in speedily developing electronic devices. We will do our best to fully respond to our customers' needs and will continue to create a situation where customers are very tempted to buy our products. Feel free to take advantage of our technology.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our main business is the contracted design of electronic circuit boards, EMS (board production/mounting, parts procurement), and the development and sale of Cadlus EDA CAD/CAM. We also have other electronic circuit board related operations, such as data conversion, various simulations, and the sales of board kits and module boards, while helping the customer develop electronic devices faster from the perspective of printed circuit board design and board CAD development.

Pattern design is available for various specifications such as single-sided boards, 64-layer boards, IVH, flexible boards, and boards compatible with automatic mounting. Our professional designers in various fields such as digital/analog circuits, high-speed/high-density circuits, high-frequency of 3 GB or more will handle these designs. They will support and accelerate the development of electronic devices from both the design and development sides.
Product/technology outline
In printed circuit board design, board design engineers conduct high-quality packaging design that conforms to the ISO9001 quality system through an interactive design process. As for the design-related services, we provide data conversion between CADs, conversion to Gerber data, ODB ++, DXF, and 3D CAD data. In board manufacturing and board mounting, we work with a partner company to provide integrated manufacturing services, covering board manufacturing, mounting, and component procurement. Additionally, we sell software such as CADLUS One PCB CAD/CAM software, and PCB Design Check that verifies PCB design.
About business matching
Our company, Nisoul (Japanese soul), designs printed circuit boards for electronic devices and develops CAD/CAM systems, introducing heart, soul and life. We will also provide customers with exciting products and do our best to contribute to the development and prosperity of society together with customers. Since our primary mission is to help electronics manufacturers who play an essential role in the 21st century, we will meet our customers' expectations by taking all possible measures in terms of in-house technology, quality, delivery time and price. As seen in the groundbreaking evolution of food safety measuring instruments, health medical devices, and assistive robots, electronics is evolving to help us lead better lives as an indispensable entity, rather than merely pursuing convenience. We are contributing to an era where priority is given to the global environment, and where we can pay our debt to science with the help of superscience.

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