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We are focused on hygiene products and precision items, and our integrated production system covers everything from plastic product manufacture to inspection.  We have a proven track record as an OEM manufacturer in a wide range of fields, including medical parts, food container lids, and biotech (research components).  We also put our efforts into an original product lineup that includes universal shower hooks, resin chopsticks, and portable cutlery. 

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Continuously working on technology and contributing to society
Universal shower hook
Showers can be fixed in any direction. This is a convenient tool that is extremely useful at care sites.

Our “Universal Shower Hook” inserts into an existing shower hook.  As the four ball parts move freely and have a certain degree of stiffness, the shower can be directed in any direction.
This product is very popular at care sites and medical facilities and can also be used in home bathrooms.

[Product benefits]
Our Universal Shower Hook was designed and developed by utilizing our advanced technology. Our unique technology reflects the knowhow we have accumulated in our operations, especially the fitting accuracy of the ball parts.  The hook allows showers to be pointed in any direction, offering helpers working at care sites and caregivers looking after loved ones at home the convenience of having both hands free while using the shower.

As the society continues to age, this product will be useful in fields such as care, nursing, medical care, home welfare, and home nursing.
Quick tray
Good cost performance and superior work efficiency.

Fantastically economical.
Good cost performance is achieved using less plaster than that used in dowel pinning.
Moreover, while existing trays for work model are almost always sold as a set, one only needs to purchase Quick Trays in the required size. It is an extremely economical system.

Easy work and quick production. 
There is no need to use a dowel pin or prepare a work table, which makes speedy work possible.  Removing the model from tray is also extremely easy as one only has to inject air.  Moreover, cutting of the abutment teeth is extremely easy with an electric cutter. This will significantly reduce the work time and contribute to efficiency improvements. 

Unparalleled precision is achieved
Quick Tray is an innovative product made with the goal of having an easier-to-use inner form.  As there is no danger of damage or slipping from work tables, attachment and detachment of the abutment teeth will not cause deformation gaps. 

Disposability ensures cleanliness
It is disposable, which makes it easier to use and clean.  There is no need for troublesome tray retrieval; therefore, the workload is reduced. It is also clean, making it safe to use. 
OEM (outsourced manufacturing)
Since our foundation 50 years ago, Masuda Plastic & Chemicals have mainly been working as OEM product manufacturers for a variety of medical parts, lids for food containers, and bioproducts (research components). 
We offer knowledge of new materials and production methods as well as information on changes in consumer trends to meet the diverse needs of our clients through discussions. We offer a unified OEM service that includes maintenance of customer dies and molds, production, inspection, secondary processing, wrapping, and shipping. 

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