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Contributing to the industry with a variety of lineup of measuring instruments

We were appointed the exclusive distributor in Japan for the US company DRESSER, and we are selling their ASHCROFT and HEISE brand pressure gauges, thermometers, pressure/temperature switches, and precision pressure measuring instruments.  We meet our customers’ needs with our wide range of products. 

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Pressure gauges, thermometers, pressure switches, differential pressure gauges, special measuring instruments
Magnet-type gearless pressure gauge
Gearless pressure gauges with superior earthquake resistance for use in anti-vibration measures for pumps.

[Product benefits]
Our gearless pressure gauge is the first of its kind in the world, and is a nationally and internationally patented product. The non-contact-operation-type gearless pressure gauge replaces gears with magnets and is resistant to pulsation and vibration, earning deep trust from our customers.

Oil refining devices are located offshore, and therefore have a tough installation environment that includes wind, rain, salt damage and vibration. Their pressure gauges are also subjected to vibration and pulsation from the pumps that they use. However, our gearless pressure gauges with superior earthquake resistance can achieve the best performance even in this tough environment.
Wide variety of product groups
Okada Keiki products
Nagano Keiki products
Service of pressure gauges, thermometers, and related products
Regular maintenance of plant pressure gauges and thermometers.
Regular correction and repair of pressure gauges and thermometers.
Production of pressure gauges and thermometers to special specifications.
Trial manufacturing and production of special pressure gauges, special thermometers, gravimeters, load gauges, and level gauges.
Quick delivery service for pressure gauges and thermometers.

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