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Okayasu Rubber Co., Ltd.

Rubber expert for every need

We are a rubber product manufacturer with strengths in compounding technology. We manufacture various rubber products, including the Tough Long Series used for cushioning and waterproofing. They are used in fields such as automobiles, light and strong electric equipment, infrastructure and construction, housing equipment, foods, medicine, and nursing.

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Design and development
Okayasu Rubber designs and develops in-house materials and equipment necessary for manufacturing. In particular, design combination is based on unique knowhow that adds new functions to rubber materials.
Extrusion molding
Okayasu Rubber can manufacture products of the same shape, both long and short, by extrusion. Our company conducts online machining and inspection using data accumulated for many years.
Direct pressure molding and injection molding
For customer cost reduction, our company performs fully automated manufacturing. We also have other manufacturing capabilities that do not require any human resources.
Main products
Extrusion molded products
Our company can manufacture products of any length by continuous extrusion and online machining.
We provide products of various shapes, colors, and hardness.
Molded products
Our company undertakes product design and makes rationalization proposals to customers. We realize products combined with non-rubber materials as well as assemblies by utilizing our network.
Processed products
Our company can supply materials in processed forms.
We achieve high cost efficiency by integrating mixing, manufacturing, and processing.
Core technology
Creating general-purpose materials as “‘only-one’ materials” with compounding technology
Our company mainly handles EPDM, NBR, CR, and silicon general-purpose materials.
We continue to create “only-one” materials by using compounding technology.
Cost reduction and speed increase with rationalizing technology
Our company is pursuing a proprietary manufacturing method for rationalization.
The equipment required for realization is a cluster of original technology.
Providing high quality under a strict quality management system
Since we handle delicate sponge materials, we have a precise quality control system based on a huge amount of quality data.

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