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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:34:58


Proposal and development-oriented manufacturer of socks using specially selected materials and new knitting skill

We provide consumers with products based on new ideas and truly valuable products through “ECONOLEG,” our own brand of nature- and health-friendly products, and proposed-based OEM production using advanced technologies and planning expertise.

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Econoleg Co., Ltd. and in-house products
Fatigue-free socks, which took two years for development.
We developed “cushion weaving,” which achieved both the strength and high cushioning property. With the cushioning property (shock-absorbing property) distinct from previous pile woven fabrics, insole-like foot comfort was realized.

• Proactive health promotion
• Health physical development
• Supplementing weakened functions and protecting your body from chills and coldness
Holding these as the basic policies of ECONOLEG’s production and with socks specifically designed for “functionality,” we develop our products with our strong commitment to supporting the daily life and health of our customers using our socks and by listening to opinions of these customers.
Proposal OEM business
Proposal-based OME refers to our business model for planning/proposal-based contact manufacturing, which utilizes our achievements and trust cultivated in Nara Prefecture’s once flourishing socks industry. Our strength lies in our production system utilizing planning capabilities and technological skills we can provide as a business partner, which is based on the expertise built through our experience and achievements over many years, in addition to specifications provided by our customers.
Planning and development
Using circular knitting machines and knitting techniques that is not possible with weft-knitting machines (pile weaving and taping), we have developed unprecedented five-toed socks. Incorporating the technique to weave in polyurethane threads with a high frictional coefficient, its design will enhance the market value of the product at the same time.
In the socks market, five-toed socks are produced mainly using weft-knitting methods, which is used for instance to produce gloves. However, based on our techniques that we acquired through the production of tabi socks, we introduced three-dimensional knitting techniques in the production of “Ashi-sapo stumble-prevention socks,” our econo leg brand despite the fact that the circular knitting socks factory has a different structure from weft-knitting sock factory. This unprecedented five-toe socks enables the development of a new high value-added socks market.

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