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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:53

Maki Shokai Co.,Ltd.

We provide wet towels that feel the best.

As for the instant wet towel "Kurumomi", one bag contains a tightly sealed liquid and a towel, separately. When the liquid is pushed out to the towel, it instantly becomes a wet towel. Therefore, a wet towel is prepared in a safe, comfortable, and hygienic manner without the use of water.
Our company provides high-class wet towels, which are certified by Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, a city famous for traditional Japanese towels, under the brand name of "Magokoroori (fabric made with sincerity)". We provide a variety of wet towels that are made from high-class materials and feel the best. Our wet towels include those packed in Japanese-paper-design film, those with an aroma, and those with an antibacterial or deodorant effect.

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Introduction of our product, "Kurumomi"
Since wet towels are used for the skin, our products are "hygienic, comfortable, and safe"!
We utilize only ingredients used for cosmetics.
Since a liquid and a towel are separately sealed, the towel can be hygienically stored for 5 years.
[Usage instructions]
One bag contains a tightly sealed liquid and a towel, separately. Face the liquid part up, hold both sides, and squeeze them so that the liquid is compressed at the center and flows into the towel side. After the towel soaks up the liquid, carefully rub and use it.
*Since the liquid contains alcohol, people who have allergies should be careful about using the towel.
"Moisture retention wet towel" for disaster preparedness
In the event of a disaster, users can safely wipe their bodies with this moisture retention wet towel. Since the towel is combined with persimmon tannin, it has disinfection and deodorant effects. Furthermore, since it is also combined with silk peptide, it has moisture retention and hydration effects and can safely be used for dry skin. This is an item useful for keeping your body clean.
"Refreshing type" for preventing heatstroke
The refreshing type is combined with an algefacient and mint flavor to provide a cool feeling. It can be used to cool down the back of your neck. Furthermore, since it cools down your body temperature thanks to vaporizing alcohol, it is most suitable for preventing heatstroke during your leisure time, during mountain climbing, in a crowd in a theme park, and in outdoor places in summer. Since it is combined with an insect repellent, insects can also be repelled.
Wet towels provided by MAKI-SHOKAI Co. Ltd.
Wet towels provided by MAKI-SHOKAI Co. Ltd. are made with a pulp material whose weight is 160 mommes*, which is extremely thick and rarely used in the wet towel industry, to achieve the best texture. 
When you hold our wet towel in your hand, you can feel the mass. When you spread our wet towel and wipe your hands, etc., you can feel its high quality.
MAKI-SHOKAI Co. Ltd. provides "wet towels" that are the best in various aspects.
*Please note that the weight of a commonly used wet towel is 80 mommes.
"Magokoroori" wet towels
"Magokoroori" wet towels have a product tag which shows that they are certified by Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, a city famous for traditional Japanese towels. 
"Magokoroori" wet towels are used in various types of shops and companies including hotels, Japanese-style inns, restaurants, high-class Japanese-style restaurants, and Japanese food restaurants. They are recommended for when you want to convey hospitality that is one level higher. 
Unlike general Imabari towels, "Magokoroori" wet towels feel softer when they are wet than when they are dry because they are specially woven.
*Please note that "Magokoroori" wet towels are delivered not in a wet condition, but a dry condition.

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