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Latest update: 29/12/2018 12:43:24

vocdirect Co., Ltd.

We developed three cooling technologies to address global warming.

Our company possesses three cooling technologies, for buildings, clothing, and drink bottles. Some of the patents have already been commercialized. We are looking for companies that are interested in agreements for licensing or assignment of these patents. 


Sales Pitch

We hold patents for things that require cooling, including buildings, drink bottles, and sportswear.
Technology for cooling the inside of a building lower than the outside air temperature: This technology makes room temperature lower than the outside air temperature through radiative cooling, directly from inside the room. No energy is consumed on the Earth, as it is done using radiative cooling. Our method employs no special equipment or materials, and no running cost is involved. Infrared transmission glass is used for high-side windows through which the sky can be seen.
Japanese Patent No. 6209806
Cover for cooling drink bottles under the blazing sun 10 °C lower than the ambient temperature: This is a patent for a cooling sheet for blocking sunlight and eliminating heat through vaporization. It has been sold as a drink bottle cover used with bicycles.
Japanese Patent No. 5551816
Sportswear for cooling the body surface under the blazing sun 10 °C lower than the ambient temperature: This sportswear shields the body surface from sunlight, and directly evaporates sweat to cool down the body. It uses double-structure fabric to bock sunlight with the outer layer, and evaporate sweat with the inner layer. This is a single fabric, but it is almost like running in the shade while wearing a wet T-shirt. The surface temperature of the body will actually be 2 to 3 °C lower than competing products because of body temperature. 
Japanese Patent No. 5521170

Other presentation

Our company productized Japan’s first full-fledged LED lighting equipment in 1998. Our LED lighting equipment won the Judging Committee Encouragement Award at Venture Fair 2000 in Japan. We also received the Good Design Award for our paper CD case in 2000. We have filed about 50 patent applications, and commercialized 10 patents from among them. 

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