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Latest update: 24/08/2022 15:06:54

Hechima Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

Processing chemical-free luffas cultivated in our own farms 

For 40 years, we have been committed to chemical-free luffas. In an integrated fashion, we grow luffa seeds and cultivate, harvest, as well as process the luffas, and produce as well as sell luffa-based products. In recent years, due to the trend of avoiding allergic skin diseases and chemical products, the merits of natural materials have been re-evaluated. Since luffa fiber has a soft texture and excellent water absorbency as well as ventilation, luffas have been widely used in our daily lives. We provide various products, ranging from bath goods to daily necessities and accessories for Japanese Kimono, assisting customers in living healthy and comfortable daily lives. We also produce OEM products.

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Product introduction
Luffa lotion made from 100% extract of luffas cultivated in Japan
Since the Edo Period, luffa extract has been called "extract for making women beautiful" and has attracted popularity. Recently, scientific research has clarified that luffa extract contains various ingredients for producing beautiful skin. It is especially noteworthy that protopanaxatriol, which is contained in only Korean ginseng that has grown for at least 6 years, is a major ingredient of luffas. Protopanaxatriol is a type of saponin and is said to be effective for treating sunburn or the like. Scientific research has also clarified that luffa extract contains pectin, which keeps the skin wet and smooth, polysaccharide, amino acids, and so on. These are the reasons why our products have been loved for a long time.
Tea leaves made from chemical-free luffa leaves harvested in Japan
Luffa tea made from 100% luffa leaves contains an effective ingredient, saponin, which activates human body cells, increases overall blood flow, adds glow to the skin, improves skin irritation, and calms nerves. Furthermore, luffa tea improves swollenness and has a diuretic effect. Luffa tea has a mild taste, is caffeine-free, and is recommended as health tea which all family members can drink.
Scrub brush made from natural luffa harvested in Japan 
Natural luffas are gentle to the skin and can be used for washing the body or tableware. When washing or softly scrubbing your body with a luffa, a wonderfully comfortable feeling is provided to the skin. Luffa fiber, which excels in fast-drying properties and antibacterial effects, is highly sanitary. At the first use, you may feel that the scrub brush is somewhat hard. However, it will gradually become soft, and your body will be comfortably washed.

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