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Sanyo Netsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We are professionals in agricultural-machine manufacturing. 

We are a manufacturer of agricultural machine parts. We provide over 7000 agricultural machine parts and prototypes to agricultural equipment manufacturers.
Owing to their shapes, some agricultural machine parts are extremely difficult to form with normal machines. Moreover, they demand daily improvement in response to the changing state of nature.
By cherishing the expertise that we have acquired through trial and error, we generate "wisdom" and "creativity" to realize to our customers' requests. 

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Sales Pitch

For customers looking for this type of processing
[Threshing tooth (sawed tooth and waved tooth)/Cutting tooth]
 The products made by Sanyo Netsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. are used in combined harvesters built by various manufacturers, including the four largest manufacturers in Japan. Moreover, we provide diverse captive parts and are highly trusted by our customers. 
[Agricultural machine parts/Construction machine parts]
 We start from designing jigs, dies, and molds when manufacturing and providing mass produced goods and trial manufacturing.
Our strengths in QCD
[We use in-house developed production equipment for important manufacturing processes]
Sanyo Netsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. develops many specialized machines in-house to improve productivity and quality. 
New product information
We develop new products through industry‐government‐university collaboration. 
[Weeding machine for small-scale organic paddies (Patent pending)]
This innovative weeding machine is ideal for small farmers who conduct organic farming, which is particularly troubled by weeds. 
<Its greatest features are:>
• It can be mounted onto an existing rice transplanter.
• It doesn't require a new drive unit because it works using the power of the rice transplanter. Its affordability is one of its qualities. 
• Its compact design allows it to work within the topographical limits of mountainous rural areas.
• It is being developed as a new product through industry‐government‐university collaboration. 

[UnLoad Plus]
We supported the production of "UnLoad Plus," an innovative truck whose cargo bed can be lowered to the ground.  The technical ability of the Tokiwa Group, which includes Sanyo Netsu Kogyo Co., Ltd., has greatly contributed to the creation of the mechanism that controls the complex motion of the cargo bed being lowered sideways to the ground while keeping it flat.

[i'me Cargo]
"i'me" is a 125 cc motor trike with superb balance. We supported the production of a special cargo carrier version that can carry 100 kg of luggage without any issues. 

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