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Overseas Business Support: Increase Efficiency & Bring Costs Down

International Business Liaison/Communication Services: Create an International Dept. for your company with us.
● The support you need for International Business negotiations: 
Translation / Interpretation / E-mail communication: instant translation & records keeping / Proof reading English documents / Managing telephone calls / others.
● Experience in the operation & management of International Businesses; 36 years of experience in International communications.

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International Business Liaison Services
Our unique International team will be an indispensable asset for your company:
    The foreign language skills that are necessary for business, even at less than native level, are not easily and quickly acquired. Our team will give your company the communication skills you require for running an international business. This will be an asset for your company that will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.
・You would like to negotiate a unit price with a foreign company...... OK
・You would like to clearly understand a claim from a foreign company and deal with it appropriately and quickly......  OK
・You would like to immediately have a summary of the important parts of a business English document...... OK
Avoid the high costs of employing additional full-time staff:
You’d like to push forward with business negotiations overseas, but you have no one on our staff who is used to communicating in English. You’d like to expand your business overseas, but you don’t want to increase labor costs. If these are your concerns, the services we offer are your solution.
Achieve smooth communication with overseas staff members:
Using our services, you can have easy and reliable communications with your overseas business partners as well as with the staff you have newly hired from foreign countries. Clear and smooth communications are essential in building up reliable and secure business relationships and labor-management relationships.

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1) Coherent communication skills develop understanding of social and cultural gaps, avoid time loss and achieve cost efficiencies:
Knowledge of “International common sense” in business negotiations and the necessary skills to grasp intentions and expectations – along with an understanding of the cultural background of your foreign partners – will be on hand to support communications and negotiations, whether in face-to-face business meetings, on the telephone or through fax or e-mail. 

2) Develop trust and maintain stable and active long-term business links with your overseas partners:  
Reliable and clear communication with your overseas partners will create trust and will result in long-term active business links. We will follow your instructions to the letter to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings. In this way you will succeed in achieving your business goals. The companies in your group (including us) will build stable and profitable businesses together: 
3) We proofread and perfect the English documents your staff write. You will no longer be disadvantaged by poor language skills:
Our foreign native-language staff will proofread your documents quickly. It is easier for your partners to understand your documentation in English when there are no mistakes, ensuring communications run smoothly. Your staff may even manage to improve their own English skills in the process!

4) We can handle the calls you receive from foreign countries: 
We can confidently receive calls from your clients or from your business connections in foreign countries, take their inquiries, secure contact details and report back to you quickly through phone, fax or email. 

(* Please contact us for information about our interpreting services.)

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