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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:36

SOFTM Co., Ltd.

[Corporate Vision and Policy]
We pursue constant happiness for our employees, and keep delivering the best service to our customers

Stable revenue is essential for companies to survive. This requires a habit of thinking many things every day, such as improved service for customers (low price, high quality, short lead time, follow-up), new skill acquisition, and data security. We want to remain valuable to our customers as a software company by continuing to think about these topics with all our employees. We believe that this will ultimately lead to constant happiness for our employees.

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Design and production of communication, control, and embedded systems
Our company designs, develops, and tests control system software including road information transmission units with various real-time OSs (like VxWorks and ITRONI), monitoring control devices, and communication protocol conversion devices. 
We can satisfy various needs including developing a dedicated protocol, driver, or software analysis. 
We design, develop, and test open system software including databases and web servers with various general-purpose OSs (like Solaris, Linux, and Windows), and operation terminals. 
We can satisfy various needs including data accumulation, graphic visualization, and visual operations.
• Road information display systems
• Tunnel disaster prevention systems
• Tunnel lighting systems
• Communication protocol development
• Building security monitoring systems
Inspection equipment-related systems
[Inspection Equipment Control Software]
Each of the software products we develop are interoperable for TCP/IP communication, serial communication, and GRIP communication within inspection equipment that consists of multiple PCs, control boards, and PLCs. This control is effective because of the distributed parallel processing on a real-time OS (VxWorks, ITRON), Unix OS, and Windows OS. 
[Inspection Result Analysis System]
Results from all the inspection equipment in the factory are stored in a large-scale database. Our company developed a system that displays the inspection results and then conducts failure analysis, fault prediction, and shipment decision using web functions (like Java, ASP.NET, and S languages).

The system can operate continuously for an extended period. This is because of its redundant hardware configuration and high-quality software that has been put through static analysis, dynamic analysis, load testing, and aging testing. It has helped to significantly improve factory production efficiency.

We provide operation and maintenance support, and the customer can focus on production activities with peace of mind.
Camera module inspection-related systems
Our company produces camera module design evaluation and mass-production inspection software. We also develop software for retrieving images from the camera module through the image capture board and make suggestions on the image capture board. 
An active alignment device makes optical axis adjustments while checking the images during assembly of the camera module. Our company develops image retrieval, image processing, and inspection programs for this device. We also produce programs for measuring individual characteristics and calculating correction data, which is used when attaching the camera module to the applied product. 
We produce tools for efficiently developing camera module inspection software, as well as software for supporting the analysis of inspection results (image analysis). 
• Design and production of open systems for finance-related systems
Our company can provide suggestions as well as design, development, and maintenance support for operation systems and maintenance systems used by financial institutions. We also make suggestions about various IT solutions. 
• Collation support systems for bank transfer request forms, bills, and checks
• Cash settlement processing systems
• Foreign exchange systems
• Public utility charge image entry systems
• Mailed item storage management systems
• ID record filing systems
• Remote maintenance systems
Other systems
[ERP Systems]
1. Enabling central management of sales-related operations such as sales control, quotations, orders, and sales.
2. Enabling central management of production-related operations (production control).
3. Centrally managing purchase-related operations, such as purchase management, orders, and stocking.
4. Centrally handling inventory control and inventory check operations.
Note: We can integrate the above systems 1 to 4 into a single system.
[Data Management and Analysis Systems]
System for managing potential examinee information gathered from events and analyzing which event is useful and to what extent. 
[Part Procurement Forecasting Systems]
Systems for generating stock forecasts based on current inventory and delivery status. Omissions are also prevented by aggregating and visualizing stock quantity, price, and the number of days a product remained in inventory. 

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