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Aiming to build plants friendly to nature and humans

We are a group of engineers who design, construct, and maintain crushing, sand crushing, and recycling plants. We engage in business in the fields of resource recycling and environmental energy by utilizing know-how nurtured over many years.

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Description of products
A lightweight, multipurpose sieving machine, Multi e-Screen
This is a lightweight and compact "sieving machine" that can be used for multiple purposes.
It can be used for numerous purposes such as adjusting particle sizes of wood chips, preprocessing on a mixed waste manual sorting line, and screening crushed waste concrete.
Since it is a compact skid type, it can be transported by a 4-ton truck.
Valuable waste fine grinder, FINE MILL  
1. Excellent crushing efficiency
The crushing chamber incorporates resistant teeth which effectively cut raw materials. A hammer is also used to grind and crush them.
2. High-strength design
The high-strength design allows FINE MILL to endure long-term use, eliminating almost all concerns about troubles.
3. Keeping the work environment clean
Thanks to a unique structure and system, FINE MILL emits little dust, keeping the work environment clean. 
4. Low running cost
The number of consumables incorporated in FINE MILL is small, FINE MILL has excellent erosion resistance, and the main rotor can positively or negatively rotate. Thanks to these features, the hammer does not have to be reversed, further reducing the running cost.
5, Easy to handle and maintain
Anyone can easily handle FINE MILL because of its simple structure that eliminates waste as much as possible. In addition, the casing is a hydraulic opening and closing type, which facilitates conducting maintenance and inspection as well as the replacement of consumables. (*SF-37 is a manual opening and closing type.)
Small-sized single-shaft shearing crusher, Multi Rotor ZERO 
Multi Rotor ZERO is a compact-sized single-shaft shearing crusher developed based on various know-how that we have nurtured through the Multi Rotor MAX Series.  
Multi Rotor ZERO is most suitable for the disposal of "a small quantity of waste" such as vinyl sheets, waste paper, and wood. 
Pressure kneading heating, and swelling machine
The Plant Fiberizing Machine is a machine which pressurizes, kneads, and "swells" plant biomass crushed in the previous process to change the properties of the biomass to those amazingly susceptible to the influence of microorganisms.
Since it swells biomass, it expands the possibilities of biomass resources that were hard to be utilized in the past, changing biomass into resources capable of being used for multiple purposes.
Screw type small-sized steam generator, MSEG
1. Principle of the swelling of the screw
The adoption of a positive displacement screw achieves high performance comparable to that of a large-scale thermal power plant. In a screw type steam generator, a pressure difference directly becomes rotative force. Therefore, even a small-sized steam generator the output of which is around 160 kw can achieve high efficiency. Furthermore, since a screw type generator is a positive displacement type, changing its rotating speed easily limits the positive displacement.
2. Highly efficient and wide range 
Downsizing axial turbine generators was difficult. On the other hand, even though "STEAM STAR" is equipped with a positive displacement screw, it has a small body. Furthermore, the efficiency of "STEAM STAR" is 1.5 times higher than that of axial turbine generators, under the same steam conditions. In addition, inverter control allows for wide-range, stepless, and efficient power generation in response to changes in the amount of steam.
3. Industry's first all-in-one structure
A conventional axial turbine generator requires a large space for separately installing a generator panel, control panel, etc., and wires for connecting them. On the other hand, "STEAM STAR" contains the panels, wires, etc. in one body, reducing installation space and cost. Furthermore, we thoroughly studied and improved the noise source in the main body unit, greatly reducing the operational sound.
Solar panel cleaning robot, resola
This is the industry's first autonomous solar panel cleaning robot. 
It automatically cleans the surface of solar panels to remove dirt, which reduces power generation efficiency, from the panels.  
It greatly improves efficiency for maintaining solar power generation facilities.
Vacuum tube solar system, Fuji Heat P-SOLAR
Fuji Heat P-SOLAR is a solar water heater which heats water with sunlight. This is a very practical system for supplying hot water and is effective in reducing fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions.
Simplified cartridge type dirt collector, Super Dustman
Super Dustman can be used wherever dust occurs such as gravel pits, quarries, ceramic raw material processing plants, recycling facilities, and wood processing plans. 
The small-sized and powerful Super Dustman contributes to the creation of a comfortable work environment. 
1. It is a pulse jet type dust collector incorporating cartridge type filters (made of polyester) which can easily be replaced.
2. Since the filters are dry filters, they require less labor for dust disposal than wet filters.
3. Super Dustman incorporates a cyclone part inside, minimizing damage to the filters and performance degradation. 
4. A combination of special rubber and a screw automatically discharges dust.
5. Since its size is small, it can easily be installed and handled. In addition, the installation cost is low.
6. An automatic control panel and wires in Super Dustman are installed as standard equipment.

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