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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:45

YABEGAWA Electric Industries, Ltd.

Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Measurement and Control Systems

Design and manufacture of automatic control panels/instrumentation panels and incidental electrical work
Design and manufacture of high-purity aluminum control equipment and incidental electrical work (many overseas deliveries)
Manufacture and development through industry-academia-government collaboration and development requests from companies

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Business Description
Contributing to the World's High Purity Control of Aluminum (control technology)
Past deliveries: More than ten countries worldwide
Control unit: Remote control and centralized monitoring by networking
Full range of operation recording/replay functions and monitoring functions for abnormalities
Commercialization of Immunoassay Measurement System in Biotechnology
Immunoassay measurement method through surface plasmon resonance (SPR) phenomenon.
It measures environmental pollutants (methyl parathion, surfactants, 2.4-D, etc.).
Flow controller (PRO-6600): Commercialized in 2007 (program control device with syringe and valve)
Fully automatic measuring equipment with a built-in thermostatic chamber (PRO-6900): Developed in 2008 (fully automatic SPR immunoassay measurement system for industrial use)
It is a product developed in collaboration with Professor Imato at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyushu University.
Note: Our company was selected for the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program with this technology.
Grasping Motion Function Improvement System for the Elderly (health support for the elderly)
This is a grasping power device with a low burden on the blood pressure of the elderly. It has functions to measure and train your grasping power. The grasping power is indicated with the corresponding age for each gender. It is a product developed in collaboration with Professor Yanagihara at the Mechanics Course of the National Institute of Technology, Ariake College.
Hydrogen Fuel Gas Measurement System
Hydrogen Production Process
CO or CO + other impurities may be generated in the hydrogen production process, and CO analysis is performed for the CO-derived substances.

A single unit can detect both CO and other impurities. You can install it at each facility for continuous analysis of contaminants.
The real-time analysis allows emergency shutdown and other measures to be taken in an emergency.
When impurities are detected, you can take a sample and request an analytics company to analyze the impurities in detail with certainty.



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