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Latest update: 13/02/2019 17:59:33

irifuneshoten Co., Ltd.


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[Company Strengths]
Our company was established in 1930. We are an adhesive developer and trading company that handles dedicated adhesives for polypropylene, which is a resin material used for containers, auto parts, and various other items. Our adhesive products are characterized by requiring no primer before application, and bonding is complete in one minute, which previously took one hour. The single-liquid, solvent less-type adhesive is safer to use, as it requires no mixing. Bonded parts are entirely made of resin, so they do not get thinner. Our adhesives are available in various forms, such as net shapes, sprays, and blocks. We handle procedures and arrangements regarding polypropylene and general adhesives, and we can offer recommendations, solutions, and know-how on adhesives, application units, layouts, and production line setup. We develop adhesives on request while providing one-stop solutions from adhesive applications to solvents and packaged goods. 

[Product and Technology Strengths] 
Our operations consist of adhesive development and sales, adhesive application unit sales, automatic rubber seal manufacturing machine and material sales, and production of demisters for noise countermeasures. Our strengths include PP adhesion processing, recyclable adhesion processing, rubber seal setting technology, demister production, and so on. Our main products are PP adhesives and PP adhesive application machines, recyclable adhesives and related machines, demisters, demister processing machines, and rubber seals. Our main equipment includes adhesive application guns, thermostat tanks, UV lamps, demisters, processing machines, and turntables. We also have partner factories where we lend equipment, supply materials, and then purchase manufactured products for delivery to major genuine auto part manufacturers.

[Representative’s Message] 
Our company developed adhesives for polypropylene resins, which were said to be difficult to bond, and we are currently promoting this product throughout Japan. Our product can bond without primer, and it can bond polypropylene to dissimilar materials. Many companies believe that polypropylene cannot bond with a single-liquid adhesive, so this product has not gained much recognition. We hope to promote this product targeting mostly machine manufacturers in Shizuoka Prefecture. We have received management innovation plan approval, and we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from major steel manufacturers and solar panel manufacturers. We will improve our technological capabilities, and also actively hire and train human resources to satisfy a wide range of customer needs. 

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