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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:48

Micro Stone Co.,Ltd.

We develop systems the main of which are wireless vibration monitoring systems.

United as a team, our company members measure and evaluate humans, machines, and various movements in a simple manner, and thereafter feed the measurement as well as evaluation results back to clients. By doing these, we would like to contribute to opening the future for our clients, our employees, as well as all relevant parties, and to their sustainable growth for a rich and happy life.

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Sales Pitch

Brief description of business, products, technologies, etc.
Contents and features of our business
We mainly measure vibration of motors, pumps, robots, as well as carrier machines, perform measurement for factories, and measure as well as analyze human movements. As for the measurement of motor and pump vibration, our wireless vibration monitoring system "FiS" supports workplaces where vibrating machines such as motors are maintained. The only things you have to do are to simply install the sensors and wait. Then, FiS performs processes from measurement to diagnosis. As for measuring vibration of robots and carrier machines, our wireless vibration, speed, or displacement measurement systems support maintenance staff in the workplace who desires to analyze the vibration of robots, carrier machines, etc. by analyzing their displacement. Our systems easily enable measurement and analysis.
Outline of main products and technologies
The system for starting up vibration measurement includes a wireless vibration recorder suitable for measuring the vibration of machines to which staff cannot access during their operation. The recorder can easily be installed because it is magnetically attached to the object. The attached software allows the staff to check the max. value, an FFT analysis graph, and a Lissajous figure immediately after the execution of measurement. Our 3-axis acceleration sensor capable of measuring high-frequency impact is one that can measure high-gravity and high-frequency impact. It incorporates an amplifier, does not require fitting work, but can easily be connected. It is completely produced in Japan and is of high-quality. We have established in-house calibration and quality support systems for the sensor. Furthermore, our walking vibration recorders for two points on the trunk of the body (The Walking) are small modules incorporating a 3-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis gyroscope sensor, CPU, lithium-ion battery, and radio. For example, install them on your back and lower back, and walk 10 meters. Then, the system instantaneously sends data to a PC which displays analysis results. The Walking is being adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation, local municipalities, and hospitals.
Message from the President & CEO (future activities for opening up new markets, how to use J-GoodTech, and other opinions)
Our trademark "MicroStone" means a micro stone which is a sensor material and indicates the piling up of micro stones through continuous daily effort. The six rhombuses on the trademark indicate six "sen" coins painted on the flag of the great general commander Yukimura Sanada, whose hometown was the same as mine. They also indicate our passion that we wish to serve people in the six continents in the world. We use the red color to demonstrate our passion to "live with great ambition" and to sympathize with many people to share an impressive life with them. We will continuously put in the utmost effort to create an ideal company which is backed by aspirations as well as passion and gives a deep impression to our clients. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

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