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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:42

Arbol de manzana Co., Ltd.

Concrete anywhere

We are a sales and development company that offers “concrete anywhere,” a mobile plant that can mix any material, at any time, and any place.  Our innovative “DMCSystem” has enabled quality assurance by ensuring traceability for on-site mixing concrete, which  had no quality standards in place until now.  We insisted on miniaturizing the equipment. As a result, it is sufficiently small to load onto a mid-sized vehicle, respond to the requirements of various sites, and allow operations for repairing the infrastructure in narrow areas such as underground structures, roads, and tracks or in remote areas where it is hard to construct a plant. 

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Sales Pitch

The future of mobile plants
DMC System (Concrete anywhere)
Our DMC System (Concrete Anywhere) offers cost reduction, solutions for labor shortages, and shortens the time needed for construction.

The DMC system enables revolutionary quality control by guaranteeing the traceability of site-mixed concrete, which is a standard that was missing in products until now. We have also worked hard to develop a small plant that can be carried on a medium-sized truck. We believe that it can satisfy a diverse range of needs, including usages in office building, underground work, infrastructure repair in narrow spaces such as roads and passages, and in remote areas where large plants cannot be built. The system enables the production of special concrete (super-quick hardening, heavy/light, fiber-reinforced, etc.), as it allows the preparation of only the amount that is needed at any given time, and ensures the same quality as JIS standard products by using existing mixing agents.  "Concrete Anywhere” can accommodate storage, measurement, and mixing of three materials. This can contribute to the cost reduction, offer solutions for labor shortages, and reduce the construction time using the aggregate from nearby makers, materials that can be collected on site, or ecological products made of recycled materials as the material for on-site mixing. 

[Product benefits]
An important function of the DMC system to provide transparency to the process of preparing small amounts of concrete for mixing on-site. In other words, the system allows for quantifiable traceability. It has other functions that allow those who are not familiar with concrete quality or machine operation to use the system, such as preparation of predetermined mixing ratios by scanning a barcode. Moreover, in addition to concrete preparation using existing, high-quality premix products, it allows preparation using materials purchased from local producers, gravel generated on the construction site itself, or industrial waste of intermediate process materials as aggregate. This allows it to solve problems such as ① cost, ② speed, ③ usage of special agents, and ④ usage overseas (export).

[Delivery achievements]
We conduct on-site preparation of super-fast hardening concrete for replacement of coupling devices in bridges and roads and the repair of concrete structures. Moreover, we produce porous concrete types for filtering facilities in purification plants, concrete that contains fly ash, on-site preparation of concrete using industrial waste as a material, equipment rental and material supply to railway infrastructure maintenance companies.
Manufacturing equipment with evidence verification app
A production device that is capable of mixing any mixture anywhere with an evidence-certified application. 

[Product benefits]
Fully automatic production can by used by anyone by simply inputting the mixture ratio of materials prepared in advanced by scanning a barcode.  Planned values and actual results are reported back to the registered user through a dedicated application, proving their traceability.  This combines an on-site production device, which produces repair/reinforcement materials through uniform automation, with our unique quality controlled supply system.

[Expected application]
It can make accommodations for production with small amounts of concrete, considering the environmental condition of the site (high altitude, narrow and small areas, emergency, and night time), and allowing for special mixes (super fast hardening, light concrete, heavy concrete, and other special materials). The entire production process is digitized using the smartphone application that visualizes the quality certificate (traceability), and the result is sent (reported) to the registered user through the dedicated application. 
On-site concrete mixing plant that can mix three types of materials. 

We secured an output of 3.0 m3 per hour by increasing the mixing amount to 0.36 m3. In addition, as the system allows the storage and mixing of three types of material, costs can be kept low.  The system has inherited our previously established quality control method, and the traceability of all the preparations that it produces can be completely proven.

[Product benefits]
Ensures both quality control and traceability. 
The DMC system combines an on-vehicle small concrete plant that allows on-site mixing with our concrete quality control application. When, for instance, a small amount of concrete is mixed on-site, the mixture is digitized and reported to the application.  Registered users can check the quality of concrete any time, regardless of where they are.
Supervisors from the general contractor can manage the condition of concrete without visiting the site, reducing the number of procedures while ensuring perfect traceability. 
The concrete plant can be carried on a medium-sized truck, making on-site mixing of high-quality concrete possible at sites such as evening construction sites for office buildings and remote locations. 

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