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Do you know the advantages of designated low-power radio equipment?

Our company specializes in designing, developing, and otherwise handling radio equipment. We specialize in radio technology.

Our company excels at developing designated low-power radio equipment. We have developed many radio units capable of securely communicating medium-quantity data to faraway locations. The reliability of our products has led to them being adopted in Japan for industrial teleconverters, medical equipment, security machinery, and other equipment. They have been adopted abroad for industrial teleconverters, wireless microphone systems, and other equipment.

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Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and main products
[Business areas]
Radio equipment development, design, and manufacturing

[Main products]
Engine starters, radio modules, various radio equipment OEM
Advantages of designated low-power radio equipment
- No need for radio stations
- No need for running costs such as radio wave usage fees

- Longer-distance communications possible than with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (compared to our other products)
- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth: 20 to 50 m
- Designated low-power radio: 500 m to 2 km

- Specific standards are specified according to the use, which makes interference unlikely
Anechoic chamber
Our products can take high-precision measurements in EMI, EMS, and other EMC tests, and also with radiation electromagnetic fields where radiation comes from the antennas of various radio units. We can make appropriate proposals for various measurements required in handling radio waves, and also satisfy needs to make equipment wireless.

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