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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:08

Daiwa Co., Ltd.

A substrate with high heat dissipation characteristics that realizes high brightness and long life for LEDs, enabling the downsizing of heat sinks.

DPGA high heat dissipation board is selected for three reasons: (1) It has higher thermal conductivity than conventional substrates and realizes high brightness and long life. (2) It can be thinner than common substrates, which saves space and lowers the cost of the product. (3) The heat sink can be made smaller, which also saves space and cost.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Established in Okaya in 1967, our company is a printed circuit board manufacturer with a long history. We offer high heat dissipation boards using DPGA (Daiwa Process Global Advance) technology that has obtained various international patents. It has been used in multiple fields as a foundation to support state-of-the-art high-heat-generating devices such as ultra-bright LEDs. A substrate with high heat dissipation characteristics, it realizes high brightness and long life for LEDs, downsizing heat sinks. It achieves high brightness, long service life, space conservation, and cost reduction for other products as well.
Product/technology outline
The high heat dissipation DPGA substrate realizes low resistance, highly reliable connections, and high thermal conductivity through interlayer connection with copper bumps. Besides, the cupper bumps can be of any shape and size, thereby helping to improve thinness, lightness, and rigidity. It is ideal for LED boards (LCD panel, certification) and in-vehicle boards. Express delivery is available for rigid PCBs, and jigs and tools used for the prototype can be reused. Further, we can make environmental modifications, such as RoHS compliance and making it halogen-free.
About business matching
As the products become more diversified and functional, we are making rapid progress toward higher performance and higher heat dissipation in electronics products. It has been used in various applications such as TVs, PCs, and digital cameras, and is one of the most widely used essential components not only for familiar products but also for medical equipment and information communication equipment. As a first step, we have realized energy saving through the high heat dissipation board to address environmental issues. There is a wide range of technologies and products to handle various solutions, such as heat dissipation, and we can deliver one-stop solutions covering everything from trial production to mass production.

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