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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:37

FD Plan Co., Ltd.

We offer total solutions for innovation

It is our highest mission to solve all kinds of trouble for developers and designers. We deliver one-stop solutions covering all processes from design to material procurement, manufacturing, surface treatment, and inspection and measurement. 

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business outline and characteristics
Our main lines of business are die-related operations, molding-related operations, equipment-related operations, and operations as a measurement technical center.

Our die-related operations involve resin dies, various parts, precision moldings, and consignment measurement. We have provided original technologies and processing such as ultra-high-precision, mirror surface, and bending processing, and realized high durability and stable fabrication.

We have entered unfamiliar fields while manufacturing prototypes and mass-produced goods. Through R&D we realized advanced processing and next-generation products like ultra-thin molding that had been impossible before. 
Product/technology outline
Our dies are mainly for precision moldings of 15 tons or less. We apply original technology to manufacture thin-wall moldings of 0.1 mm, which defy common sense.

We excel at 1/1000-unit parts, and we can conduct mirror-like finishing with a surface roughness of Ra 1 nm.

Our company accepts product inspection on a consignment basis and we possess image measurement machines and 3D measurement equipment for this. We also possess 3,340 pin gauges (Class 0 accuracy), which is more than any other company in Japan.
About business matching
All products have a shape and a life to them. What matters is how we can make them shine through original thinking. We are currently in a position to be chased by big waves from overseas. It is our mission as people born and raised in a technology-intensive nation like Japan to contribute to the world by making state-of-the-art products. Our role is to thoroughly pursue what we can do to satisfy customers, and exert originality. We will continue our efforts to win the smiles of customers. 

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