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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:20

Fine Tech Co., Ltd.

Contributing to new manufacturing with abundant applications and knowhow

By taking advantage of Japan's fortunate location, we are challenging ourselves with the development of new manufacturing technology. We specialize in parts processing for smartphones and other precision devices. We have state-of-the-art technology in metal processing and glass processing with the most advanced processing tools, such as carbide tools and PCD/MCD diamond tools. We also manufacture precision molds of fine shapes for the field of optics under a consignment basis by applying delicate processing technology.

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Technical capabilities and ideas that produce machining-edge technology
Delicate processing technology supporting digital devices
[Metal working tools]
Many of the metal housings of smartphones and tablet PCs are made by machining. For machining, our tools are used the most all over the world. Although it is easy to focus on accuracy and service life, we also pay attention to tool design that realizes more efficient machining. We propose optimum tools that can meet the processing content and cost required by customers.

・ Single crystal diamond tools
・ Micro rolling taps
・ Polycrystalline diamond tools
・ Carbide machining tools

[Glass processing tools]
Smartphones, game consoles, tablet PCs, desktop PCs, car instrument panels, and TVs use flat panel displays. Flat panel displays, such as LCDs and OLEDs, have become indispensable in people’s lives. Many glass materials are used for these display panels. Our glass processing tools have been adopted by many customers in a wide range of fields. 
We will respond widely according to the glass material and glass thickness.

・ FINE CRUNCH glass grinding tools
・ FINE SCRATCH glass substrate machining tools
Image inspection introduction cost reduced to 1/10!
[Image inspection tools]
We provide a revolutionary app (GAZOKEN) that turns an unused iPhone or iPad into an image inspection device.
By using the camera function of a smartphone that is no longer used due to a model change, it is now possible to easily perform image inspection of products manufactured at your factory.
This is a completely new image inspection system that focuses on the functions required for image inspection such as the CPU and high-definition camera of smartphones. Various settings required for image inspection, such as manual focus, binarization processing, and manual exposure adjustment, can be performed, and the system is comparable to commercially available image inspection systems sold for image inspection.
An external output unit that can be connected to a PLC is also available as an option. Can be used for large-scale automation equipment.
For companies that want to automatically perform visual inspection of a product but has problems with the cost, please begin by contacting us.
Consignment processing possible by FINETECH and joint development of technology
[Consignment processing]
Our company has a wide variety of machine tools and measuring instruments as well as general CNC automatic lathes and CNC machining centers.

・ Ultra-precision aspheric processing machine
・ Ultra-high-speed machining center (spindle: 120,000 rpm)
・ High precision ultra-short pulse laser processing machine
・ Composite multi-axis automatic lathe
・ Various ultra-precision/precision measuring instruments
・ Optical measuring instruments for various imaging systems

Prototype and joint development
We are looking for a partner who can take on new challenges together with us.
If you are interested in our technology, please feel free to contact us.

[Joint technology development]
FINETECH is constantly researching and developing new manufacturing technologies that can contribute to the world.
We apply and advance various technologies developed in Japan. We have produced many products at the world's largest factory by using the technologies. The field varies greatly, from machining technology to molding technology, as well as new material processing technology, surface treatment technology,
high-efficiency production technology using robots, and image inspection technology using deep learning.
Why don't you join us and lead the way in technological innovation?
We welcome joint development with companies that have advanced manufacturing technologies.

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