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Creating a form from nothing

We are the company to support machine design, modeling, and prototyping, which are the most important factors in product development. Please use us as your company’s trial and design department.

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Furthermore, we offer design technology with superior added value for a diverse range of needs, including mechanical design and electrical design. We are known for our proposal-type design that is not constrained by the type of industry.
※ We also accept design-only commissions.

 Design achievements by category
  Airplane parts, electronic devices, architectural parts, PC system construction, and parts for large-scale electricity generation. 
 Design achievements by field
  Mechanical design, sheet metal design, case design, automatic machine design, electric design, physical design, and press-molded product design. 

 Proposal capabilities
 Our design staff, who have rich experience in a diverse range of fields, propose optimal solutions
 that could not be created by those with experience in a single area only. 

 Quick delivery 
 Prototype manufacturing at our own optimized factory. We are proud of our speedy response.
 ※ Our general policy is to deliver the product within one month of receiving an order, although this depends on the nature of the order. 

 High quality
 We conduct prototype reviews with our customers and relay their feedback to the production site.
 This ensures the improvement of the completed product.
Our work mainly involves component processing and molding using metal and resin.  We are able to offer trial manufacturing based on approved data/specifications, including coating and printing.

About resin processing/metalworking
 You can use the material of your choice from metal, nonferrous metal, and resin.
 Metal/nonferrous metal: Iron, lead, brass, aluminum, nickel, and stainless steel.
 Resin in general: ABS, POM, acrylic, Teflon, and nylon. 

 We use specialized machines such as MC and NC to produce workpiece trial manufacturing, mockups, working models, and wooden models. 

 Prototypes that are mechanically designed and finished in line with their specifications are sent to the coating/printing stage of the procedure. 
 This is an important step in determining whether the finished product is how it was originally envisaged. 

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