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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:53

Nikkou-Kenma Co.,Ltd

Please contact Nikkou-Kenma Co., Ltd. for grinding services including stainless steel polishing, mirror polishing, buffing, cast metal polishing, and valve grinding.

For surface treatment, especially in the area of metal polishing, we have studied and accumulated processing technologies and have so far matched the expectations as well as obtained the trust of companies of a wide variety of business types. In order to meet a variety of needs, we have been making utmost efforts to research and develop processing technologies. We, a manufacturer specializing in original processing technologies, play a role in the industrial world.

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Description of business
Developing polishing technologies
We engage in research and development to always obtain cutting-edge technologies and seek possibilities of new processing methods.
We offer the service "trial processing of sample work", which is unique to Nikkou-Kenma Co., Ltd.
Your company can verify our grinding technologies as they are applied to a test sample for free. This system allows your company to place an order after your company is satisfied with our technologies. Please feel free to try this system once.
Proposing a total plan
A network of partner factories allows our company to receive orders for various processes, including material procurement, machining, grinding, and cleaning, in a one-stop manner.
The network also allows us to speedily perform processes such as "designing and producing sanitary plants," "plate working," and "electrolytic grinding as well as surface treatment of anodized aluminum" in an integrated fashion. We, Nikkou-Kenma Co., Ltd., can propose a total plan. Please consult us regarding your troubles and requests.
Delivery history
The grinding technologies of Nikkou-Kenma Co., Ltd. play useful roles in various fields such as cutting-edge areas, including the production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and industry areas including the production of valves and joints of various industrial equipment and of decorations as well as building exteriors which you commonly see in daily life. 
Valves, joints, and pumps of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Valves, joints, and pumps of equipment related to food production or biotechnology
Equipment related to paper pulp
Powder material devices and parts related to them
Automobile parts
Various types of industrial equipment and machine components
Building exteriors
Decorations such as objet d'art
Grinding Department
[Internal mirror polishing]
Up to φ3 mm. Based on our basic grinding technologies, the standard surface roughness is Rmax 0.3s or larger.
[External polishing and electrolytic grinding]
We can grind various products ranging from those with a shiny appearance to increase their value up to those which pursue high functionality.
-Mirror polishing for pursuing beauty
-Removing burrs from cast metal (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) and metal products
We use a grinding method which uses rotated fabric to meet requirements such as mirror-like finishing and smoothness. At the same time, we can buff or electrolytically grind pipework components and weld as well as repair stainless-steel cast products. 
[Grinding large objects]
We have plenty of experience in grinding products for plants such as sanitary plants, tank products, and large-sized stainless steel products. Our various grinding technologies are utilized in various industry fields. *We receive orders for processes including material procurement, machining, grinding, and cleaning, in a one-stop manner.
[Grinding cast metal]
We weld, repair, and grind pinholes caused by cast defects (pinhole defects) to obscure the pinhole defects.

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