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From general medical products and helical and industrial rubber products to floor heating

Our company manufactures rubber parts for automobiles, industrial use, precision equipment, and medical equipment. We also manufacture resin parts. We have established rubber compounding and processing as core technologies. Our company has been making products trusted by customers.

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New functional material products
Heat-conductive materials
Miyatrom-TC Series
[Examples of use]
・ Heat radiation of aluminum substrates (LED mounting, etc.)
・ Heat diffusion of various heat generating circuit boards
・ Equalization of power (transformer, inverter, converter, and regulator) and IC (TFT) mixed substrate
・ Heat dissipation of high-speed processing IC
・ Contact stabilization of various heat radiation blocks
-A heat conducting material for the purpose of heat dissipation, soaking, and diffusion of modules and various components.
-A flexible sheet member in which a thermally conductive inorganic material is uniformly dispersed in silicone rubber.
-Five versions are available for different thermal conductivities and rubber hardness.
-Compatible with various environmental standards (RoHS, JGPSSI, REACH,  and free of Pb/S).
-Post-processing such as adding various films or double-sided tape is possible.
-Special fluorine-based coating treatment is available for the purpose of sheet surface adhesion and contamination prevention
Electromagnetic wave shields and absorbers
Miyatrom-SA Series
[Examples of use]
・ For attenuation of near-field electromagnetic waves in communication terminals such as mobile phones and PDAs
・ Prevent leakage and scattering of electromagnetic waves generated from inverters, etc.
・ EMI measures for medical equipment (near field / far field)
・ For electromagnetic wave shielding of indirect chargers (electromagnetic induction, etc.)
・ For shielding electromagnetic fields between analog and digital circuits
・ Flexible electromagnetic wave shielding and absorbing material.
・ Shielded against electromagnetic waves (millimeter waves, microwaves, radio waves). Absorbent special carbon and soft magnetic material are uniformly dispersed in rubber material.
・ Can be molded into 2D/3D structures, including sheet shapes.
・ -Compatible with various environmental standards (RoHS, JGPSSI, and REACH).
・ Post-processing such as adding various films or double-sided tape is possible.
・ Special fluororesin coating can be added for the purpose of ensuring insulation and slipperiness.
Vibration-absorbing elastomer
Miyafreq series
[Examples of use]
-Shock buffering and protection when dropping belt equipment (notebook PC, mobile phone, digital camera, movie, PDA, etc.)
・ Vibration prevention (to reduce noise) (motors for digital cameras and movies, solenoid valves, etc.)
・ Sound suppression measures (Material sound: various motors, etc. Airborne sound: microphone holder for portable equipment, etc.)
-Sound insulation measures (movement of resonance point-specification of high specific gravity material) - electromagnetic wave (x-ray, UV light) shield
・ Excellent vibration absorption performance. (Tan δ is the highest level in the industry and has low temperature dependence)
・ Excellent in both shock absorbing and damping properties.
・ Various variations (standard, high impact buffer, flame retardant, heat, oil, and wear resistant specifications) are available.
・ Can be formed into any shape, including sheets.
・ Foaming with excellent sound absorption properties is also possible.
・ G grade with high specific gravity specifications is available to add sound insulation characteristics (movement of resonance point).
-Compatible with various environmental standards (siloxane free, RoHS, degassing, and REACH).
-Post-processing such as adding various films or double-sided tape is possible.
Radiation shielding materials
Miyatrom-R series
[Examples of use]
・ Shielding of radiation (γ-rays and x-rays) (Lead substitute: medical and industrial equipment and protective clothing for exposure prevention)
・ Protection of electronic parts (ASIC, TFT, and memory) from radiation and ultraviolet rays
・ Prevention of radiation diffusion and diffuse reflection
・ Replacement of lead (including compounds) according to various environmental rules, directives, and regulations
・ Use as a general sound insulation material by adding or pasting it to other substances
- Lead substitute material developed for the purpose of shielding radiation from magnetic waves
- Flexible sheet-like material in which a metal (compound) that has shielding properties against radiation is uniformly dispersed in special rubber
- Four types available for different shielding properties and rubber parts
- Compatible with various environmental standards (RoHS, JGPSSI, REACH, and free of Pb/S)
- Post-processing possible, such as adding various films or double-sided tapes
- X-ray room wall material

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