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Latest update: 18/05/2020 13:42:40


Our company is leading the world in the field of plastic working.

Our company developed its own original technology, the "KCF method," based on the plasticity theory. This technology supports replacement with press processing to raise productivity, reduce man-hours and cost, and improve component functions.

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Pursuing plastic working technology to create a tomorrow for press working
Proposal of truly valuable manufacturing
Our company developed a construction method based on the plasticity theory.  We have produced our own technology named King of Cold Forming (KCF) by repeating elemental experiments on the developed construction method. KCF is a method complying with the laws of nature (physical laws) and may be the best technology in plastic working. Therefore, we are certain that it is the best technology in terms of function and cost and that it leads to truly valuable manufacturing proposals.

[Precision shearing]
KCF enables high precision shearing equivalent to that of fine blanking (FB) or even higher accuracy with a general press machine. This method also makes it possible to perform precision shearing for highly difficult materials and complex shapes for which it is difficult to secure a shearing surface, as well as precision shearing that does not cause any shear droop.

[Three-dimensional shaping]
KCF enables net shaping by three-dimensional forming with high precision and grade. It can reduce man-hours and cost, and improve part performance by reducing cutting and finishing after cold forging or hot forging, and by switching from sintering to other methods.
Metal press working
In metal stamping, which we excel at, we propose and realize high-precision, low-cost parts by developing and proposing new construction methods based on the plasticity theory.

■ Original technology based on the plasticity theory and metal press working with the ultimate forming machine

Our company has a press machine with a processing capacity of 80 to 600 tons, and produces automobile-related parts, home appliance / AV equipment-related parts, and building material-related parts. By using materials such as steel plates with a thickness of 0.3 to 9.0 mm and steel wires for cold forging, it is possible to perform optimum production methods for parts to be manufactured, such as transfer processing and progressive processing.
 Since the company’s inception, we have been working mainly on precision sheet metal progressive processing, but in recent years, by developing our own technology (= KCF method) based on the plasticity theory, we have made parts that were conventionally manufactured by other methods more productive. We are producing high-hardness parts to reduce man-hours and costs, such as by replacing with high-press processing, and to respond to the high functionality of parts.
Mold production
As for mold production, we have realized high precision, high rigidity, and short delivery time of molds in order to enable more difficult press processing at an early stage.

■ High-precision mold and short delivery time made possible by the latest equipment and our technology.

One of the most important factors in press working, along with press machines, is the mold. At our company, mold production is performed in-house from design to processing and assembling, and all dies used for mass production processing are produced and maintained in-house. In order to enable more difficult press work as early as possible, we have realized high precision, high rigidity, and short delivery time of dies.

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