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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:32

Kotohira Co., Ltd.

Pursuing the infinite possibilities of people and society

Our company is, to begin with, involved in unit bathroom panels, then large-scale plate work processing, OEM casing for IT equipment, and biotech-based environmental equipment. We build and utilize production systems using our combined technical capabilities in areas such as manufacturing and production techniques, development and design, and systems development. We have developed highly automated labor-saving high-tech factories, including fully automated panel processing lines and unattended transportation systems and automatic warehouse are developed in-house as well as everything from FA/OA systems to production control systems.

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Sales Pitch

OEM outsourcing
Outsourced manufacturing
We have an in-house integrated production system that is capable of manufacturing large cans, large-scale machine processing, and processing and measuring large products.
We produce products with high QCD competitiveness using our integrated production system, which features advanced production management and quality control systems. 
With our well-equipped production facility and high technical skill, we can satisfy a diverse range of needs, including sheet metal processing, assembling, and wiring, as well as the manufacture of large cans and large-scale machine processing.

[Business achievements]
We have rich experience in working with precision instrument makers of semiconductor manufacturing machines, FPD manufacturing machines, medical equipment, and machining tools. In recent years, an increasing part of our business is related to large products such as large cans used in frame racks for various devices and large machining processing.
Integrated production system in-house
In addition to large-scale canned products such as gantry frames, we also offer integrated production in-house, including device peripheral parts such as device covers and cutting parts and their design and assembly.
We constantly introduce new pieces of large equipment to strengthen our in-house integrated production system for large products.  We can also accommodate requests for single-process works such as large machining, processing, and measurement. 
Large-scale processing equipment lineup
Integrated batch order system that offers everything from design to assembly and has an extensive lineup of large-scale processing equipment.
To meet the market demand for production machines used in liquid crystal panel and solar battery production, which continues to grow, we have introduced a variety of large-scale machining equipment. 
From aluminum and stainless steel plate processing to five-face processing of cans,
we can accommodate a diverse range of requirements. 
Own products
Electrolyzed water generator (electrolyzed hypochlorite)
Our electrolytic hypochlorite water generation equipment generates sterilized water through the electrolysis of salted water for use in the sterilization of cookware and foodstuffs.
Electrolyzed water generator (slightly acidic electrolyzed water)
A weakly acidic electrolytic water (hypochlorous acid water) generation device produces water that contains hypochlorous acid water, which is highly effective when used in sterilization.  Despite only containing a tiny amount of active ingredient, weakly acidic electrolytic water is highly effective when used in sterilization. It hardly has any smell or taste, and it is gentle on human skin and the environment. It is a safe type of water to use.  Weak acidic electrolytic water is the ultimate weapon against various types of bacterial and viral contamination. 
Wide range of own products
Clean room devices
Fine dust collectors/fume extractors 
Sanitary devices for boots and shoes
Electrolyzed water-based devices
Small deodorizers
Sterilized lockers and storages
Equipment for experiments and research
Ski-related products

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