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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:14

Yamato Co., Ltd.

Our company has more than 300 units of processing and inspection equipment. We can complete multiple processes by ourselves by using our own processing technology.

Our company manufactures metal and resin processed products to finished products under an integrated production system from prototyping to mass production. We have more than 300 units of processing and inspection equipment. We can cover multiple processes by ourselves by using our own processing technology.
We suggest ways to reduce cost! We promise stable quality! We will manage the delivery date collectively! Please leave special processing (multi-threaded screws, long, eccentric, difficult-to-cut materials, gears, insert molding, etc.) to us!

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Yamato's processing technology and products
Entrust this and that altogether for processing using Yamato's technology.
○ Multi-thread processing
Our company can process 2 to 16 threads. We support high-mix low-volume production and mass production. Entrust us even with the engagement of male and female screws.
○ Long part processing
Our company manufactures long parts up to about 1000 mm. We can sharply machine various materials such as SUS, iron, brass, aluminum, and resin.
○ Eccentric machining
Eccentric machining is difficult. However, we make sure to challenge ourselves and do it.
○ Gear processing
Our company manufactures various gears, such as involute gears (spur teeth), worm gears, helical gears (helical teeth), and rack gears. We also support gear plastic molding and insert molding.
○ Keyway processing
This processing is surprisingly unusual. Yamato handles even keyway processing (outer and inner diameters) in-house.
○ Difficult-to-machine materials
We also work on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, Kovar, and tungsten.
○ Plastic molding
Our company owns 40 to 180 ton injection molding machines. We can also handle screw machining, printing on molded products, and engraving.
○ Insert molding
In-house insert molding is also possible for metal and plastic integrated parts, screws, and long parts.
○ Plastic machining
Our company machines a wide variety of small resin products. We can handle various resin materials.
VA proposal that can be made only by Yamato
☑ Procurement, delivery date, and production management of multiple processed products
☑ Stable quality of medium-volume products
☑ Cost reduction proposal
☑ Process integration proposal
☑ Product performance improvement
Entrust Yamato with cost reduction, delivery time management, short delivery time, process consolidation, VA proposals, and stable quality through integrated production of processed products.
■ Example of cost reduction through integrated production
[Warm gear processing, insert molding, and hobbing machine gear processing]
Yamato performs integrated processing that is normally done by three companies to reduce costs and shorten delivery times!
[Blank processing, insert molding, and polishing processing]
Yamato does everything from cutting, insert-molding, polishing, and processing long machined products; such work used to be done by three separate companies. Our integrated processing not only reduces cost but also stabilizes quality (improves the yield).
Processing range, etc., and product introduction
■ Processing range, etc.
○ Processing range
・ Diameter: 2 to 100 mm
・ Square: 2 × 2  to 300 × 300 mm
・ Long items: 1000 mm max.
・ Multi-start thread: 2 to 16
・ Plastic molding: 40 to 180 tons
○ Machinable materials
・ Metals: SUS (303, 304, 316, 416, 420, 630, etc.), iron (S20C, S45C, SUJ, SCM, SKH, SKD, SK, SUM, SS, SUY, etc.), aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, tungsten, Kovar, Inconel, die steel, etc.
・ Resins: PA, ABS, POM, LCP, PET, PP, PC, PPS, PBT, PS, PEEK, PVC, etc. 
Feel free to contact us for other materials not listed above.
○ Processing quantity: Mass production quantity from small quantity to several thousand pieces
Feel free to contact us. *We do not support the processing of one or two items that ends with a single order.
■ Examples of processed products
・ Multi-threaded screws ・ Long machined products ・ Large machined long machines ・ Optical parts (gears) ・ Stepped gear parts ・ Gear shafts ・ Insert gears ・ Knurled products ・ Aluminum blocks ・ Long machining (difficult-to-machine materials) ・ Eccentric shafts ・ Thin-walled products ・ Precision micro-machined products ・ Press-fit gear parts ・ Alumite processed parts ・ Thick machined parts ・ Plastic gears ・ Screw plate molded parts ・ Transparent parts ・ Insert molded parts (bending process) ・ Insert molded products (long gears, etc.) ・ Large block molded products

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