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Infinite challenges and infinite dreams

Our company has a trading department carrying optical semiconductor devices and a production department offering integrated development, design, and assembly of products.
We have established a system that can meet customers’ needs by responding to low-volume high-mix requests with quick deliveries, including high-precision sensors for industrial equipment. We have a wide proven track record in digital signage and a system capable of responding flexibly to requests. Our strengths are our technical capabilities in firmware development and involvement in our integrated manufacturing of light related products. 

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Optical semiconductor device custom products
We offer semiconductor products based on the specifications and shapes required by our customers. Our mass production involves everything from the design and development of various sensors to the design, development, and assembly of peripheral circuit boards. With our production system for high precision sensors for use in industrial machines and others, we satisfy our customers’ needs for small-lot production, high-variability production, and short turnaround times.  As specialist makers with the technical ability in circuit design, mechanism design, and development, we respond to our customers’ demand, for instance, when they want help integrating specific sensors into certain machines or when they need assistance determining suitable sensors for their needs.
Custom development services
LED display system
Image input system
System control development
[Circuit design]
Analog/Digital (including microcomputer)
DC–DC converter
FPGA design
PCB artwork
Firmware for microcomputers
Application software for Windows
[Custom sensors]
Mold design
Optical design
Development example
Image displays for LED blocks (3D modeling for demonstrations and wall displays for trade fairs)
LED control (Light source control for underwater special lighting)
LED image control (Large billboards, information displays for public facilities, and transparent circuit board displays)
Software (Image processing, sensor signal processing, and firmware for microcomputers)
Sensors (Liquid, moving body, paper, and IR)
Digital signage
LED blocks
Blocks that can be illuminated in any way required by projecting images onto a three-dimensional object.
These blocks, which are capable of displaying images in full color, can be freely connected at 90-degree angles like toy blocks and can be assembled into any shape as per customer requirements. They can be easily assembled and dismantled; therefore, their transportation, installation, removal, and modification are simple.
They are ideal objects for illumination and display and can be used to show informational text or visual content at events, concerts, exhibitions, and stores.
They use soft, diffused light instead of direct LED light, making them suitable for a diverse range of applications.
They can be assembled into any size or shape and can be used in large events and concerts, medium to small exhibitions, and on TV sets.
The same product can cover a diverse range of functions from illumination, construction of store fixtures, and use as building materials to being used as toys.
As the cluster also functions as its own structure, installation is possible with a simple reinforcement.
It can be dismantled into individual blocks, making transportation, installation, and removal extremely easy.
As it contains its own wiring, most of the needed wiring is completed at the time of assembly.
It can receive images at 30 fps with full color, implying that it is capable of high-speed video playback.
The parts can be reused as many times as required after dismantling.
By purchasing more pieces, it is possible to increase the size of the display, change its shape, and expand its functions.
Both sides of the panels can be used for projection. 
LED dot matrix
The lineup includes LED modules with many pitches and standards. 
We can accommodate diverse requests with the free layout of original shapes. 
Moreover, we are able to offer the integration of motion sensors and other audiovisual equipment, making products that are suitable for eye-catching displays in show windows and event booths or for digital signage featuring text information and visual content.
Use original shapes to create eye-catching displays for show windows and event booths.
It can display text information and visual contents for digital signage.
The original software enables a vast number of ways to combine images and text.
We are also able to develop implementations of motion sensors and other audiovisual equipment.
Flexible attachment in any direction is possible, enabling the usage of curved shapes. 
Easy installation only requires the placing of magnets. Maintenance only requires front access, significantly reducing the workload. It is super light, which is why it can be installed anywhere. 
Please use MagicFlex to experience signage and displays that were previously impossible. 
Thickness is only 5 mm. Super lightweight at 300 g (5.7 kg/m2).
Diverse lineup with pitches at 3/4/6.67/10 mm.
Thinnest and lightest panel. 
Bendable flexible panel. 
The magnet system at the back allows easy installation and maintenance. 
The first flexible LED panel in the world. (Patented)
”MagicFlex” received a Hong Kong Technological Innovation Award in 2011
Received an “Innovative Design Award” in Europe in 2009.
Received an “Innovation Award” in China in 2009.
We offer circuit board design, parts installation, and small-lot lens design with short turnaround times and low costs. Through collaboration with various specialist manufacturers of precision instrument, optical lenses, circuit boards, metalworking, and plastic molding who are based in the Suwa region, we are capable of speedy and low-cost product development that utilizes advanced, specialized technologies. If you are having trouble obtaining an equivalent of a piece that is no longer in production, we can produce it in small lots.
From the design/development of transmission- and reflection-type photo interrupters, integrated control circuit board design, the design of lenses with optimal optical characteristics, and resin mold case design to the installation and adjustment of assembled products, we accommodate our customers’ requests through total engagement and with low cost and high speed. 
Our strengths
・We can accommodate small lots with short turnarounds and low cost. 
By conducting integrated production of each of the necessary steps in sensor and lighting production, including the design of each circuit, circuit board design, optical lens design, material procurement, and components installation and adjustment, we can provide efficient and high-quality products. 

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