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We have achieved 100-μm thickness at a mass production level. We are an integrated manufacturer that specializes in semiconductor postprocessing, offering everything from semiconductor back-grinding to visual inspections. We accept an order even for one wafer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Japan.

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Semiconductor business
In our semiconductor business, we have built a line that we call “post processing”. We conduct appearance inspection of silicon wafers, back grinding, laser marking, dicing, and arrangement (packing into trays), and appearance inspection of bare chips.

Back grinding
Using a fine-mesh grinding stone, we are able to achieve thinning with a stable finish, at thinnesses of 40 μm (for 6 inch and 8 inch). We are also able to achieve 100 μm at a mass production level.

Laser marking
Chips can be made traceable by marking the rear side of the wafer using lasers.
Compatible wafer thickness: 200 μm (Please contact us directly for wafers thinner than 200 μm), Text size: Approximately 0.3 mm

We are capable of single cut, step cut, and other special cut styles depending on the condition of the wafer and the design requirements. We also offer test dicing for one or more items.

Laser dicing
Unlike existing laser processing techniques, this method does not require focusing, and processing can be conducted with parallel laser beams.
Moreover, with laser microjet, the continuous water jet efficiently cools the workpiece and limits the thermal effect.

Tray packing
We are experienced in mass production pickup of microchips (0.7 mm2) and rectangular microchips (0.28 × 10 mm). We are also making an effort to recycle our trays.

Appearance inspection
We combine inspection by automated machine with manual inspection to meet both cost effectiveness and quality assurance requirements.
Laser processing business
Our unique technology LET (Laser and Etching Technology) [Patent pending]
We realize design and processing that meets our customers’ requirements and are able to offer precision glass processing, external form processing, cutting through glass vias, and cutting of special shapes by combining laser processing and etching.

The design of the modified layer enables special shape processing of thin glass. 
It has a higher transverse intensity than cutting or grinding.
It makes secondary processing (polishing/chamfering) of the edge unnecessary. 
Cleaning business
We have installed a clean room at each factory to conduct ultraprecise processing and inspection. In addition, we are equipped with a water-treatment system that includes pure water maker, acid, and alkali neutralization layers using waste water from press machining and grinding.  Pure water is recycled using the regenerator to effectively use water resources. 

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