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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:18

Sohwa Co., Ltd.

Our company creates value and looks to the future with harmony.

Our company can achieve speedy and low-cost parts procurement with the combination of manufacturing, procurement, assembly, and VA proposal. We have a network linking Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan.

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Sowa's strengths
■ Aluminum die casting
We became the first Japanese company to start a die casting business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2007. Our company procures materials from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and China. We can reduce costs through an integrated production system that covers secondary processing such as lathing and machining, and post-processing as well.

- It will take 1.5 months on average from the completion of negotiations until the first mass production delivery, which is the same as in Japan.
- Our abundant equipment also enables secondary processing and surface treatment.
- Vietnam is rich in bauxite (aluminum material).

■ Aluminum extrusion and drawing
Our company established an in-house manufacturing system at our Vietnam factory for aluminum drawn parts. We purchase extruded products at low cost by using our own procurement network. We perform secondary processing at the Vietnam factory.

- We have mass production facilities at the Vietnam factory.
- We can provide consistent production of aluminum drawing and other processing mainly in Southeast Asia (one-stop)
- In Southeast Asia, we are the only company that can perform mirror finishing of the outer diameter surface after drawing.

■ Production of resin molded parts
We provide resin parts for a wide range of industries, from consumer products to the medical field. We mainly manufacture products at our own factory in Vietnam, and respond to a wide range of customer needs, such as procurement from Japan and Taiwan.

- We handle thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.
・ In addition to the procurement and manufacture of resin parts, we support the assembling of units and products.
・ We have a proven track record of delivery in a wide range of fields including medical equipment parts.

■ Coil manufacturing
In our coil winding business, we perform winding by hand at the Vietnam factory, and we offer cost reductions due to local labor costs with the products being of the same quality as in Japan.
In addition, since we can manufacture bobbins through our own molding process, we have realized low procurement costs.
Since it is manufactured locally in Vietnam, it can also handle various tasks associated with coil manufacturing, especially for attaching insulating tape, soldering, and machining lead wires, which require manual handling.

■ Secondary processing of die casting and resin parts
Our company has achieved an integrated production system from manufacturing to secondary processing. We reduce the lead time and cost by implementing an in-house process for the secondary processing of each product.
In addition to in-house processing, we manufacture and sell precision industrial parts by making the most of our strengths. Our company now has more than 500 suppliers in Japan.
We have been expanding our factory rapidly outside Japan. Our company has manufacturing bases in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and in Taichung, Taiwan.
Our company has the ability to procure various parts, relying on our procurement network in and outside Japan and our own in-house production. We will supply parts to our customers by performing in-house production and overseas local procurement as necessary.

The greatest advantage is that you can realize overseas procurement simply by consulting and coordinating with our company.
Overseas procurement is possible only by interacting with domestic personnel. We also support web conferences with local staff as needed.
Procurement by an overseas customer from outside Japan is also possible; for example, export from our Vietnam factory to the customer's Chinese factory.
Please consult us if you are considering outsourcing assembly work.

・Since our company handles everything about parts procurement, complicated procurement operations and procurement management can be integrated.
・ Assembling at the Vietnam factory reduces labor costs.
・ Quality control and assembly worker management are thoroughly implemented, and we deliver products with stable quality.

Our company entered the Ho Chi Minh area of Vietnam in 2007. Since then, we have been employing, retaining, and educating our staff.
We have succeeded in training assembly workers with higher accuracy than Japanese workers, satisfying many customers.
VA proposal
Our company makes cost reduction and quality improvement proposals based on our experiences and achievements. We work on solving customer issues.

<Examples of proposals>
Case 1: Reduced cost for aluminum machined products
In response to the demand for parts to be procured through aluminum ALL machining, which was not cheap, we proposed a significant cost reduction through aluminum die casting, aluminum extrusion, and secondary processing.
In particular, we have a wealth of experience in extrusion and secondary processing. Extrusion dies are relatively inexpensive. If there is some flow, amortization is possible at a reduced cost.
For iron and stainless steel, we have a proven track record in the lost wax method.

Case 2: Proposal for changing the processing method
In response to a request to reduce machining cost, we proposed a change from machining to header processing (cold heading).
In order to understand the cost effectiveness and the shape characteristics and dimensions of the processed product, we followed up closely with our client, such as providing similar samples and a factory tour. The proposal was accepted with a sense of satisfaction.

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