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Asahi Co. Ltd.

We are a specialist manufacturer of quilted products. Please let us take care of your packaging materials and goods for moving.

Asahi Co. Ltd. has been a specialized manufacturer of quilting products since it was founded in 1965. The company has launched a range of unique products based on the opinions of people in various industries and their needs.  Our quilted protective materials are widely used as packaging, buffers or coverings in relocation and logistics. In recent years, we have provided items to various sites such as furniture for hotels and schools, and vehicle body covers for F1 racing cars.
Our strength comes from our in-house integrated production, which covers everything from cotton manufacturing to stitching, at our factory in Japan. We have great pride in the fact that many of our skilled sewing workers have worked together for more than 20 years.  We supply Asahi brand products providing an inimitable 120% satisfaction because of our Monozukuri spirit of being particular about the materials and quality.

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Sales Pitch

What is J-Quilt?
J Quilt is the brand name for quilt products made in Japan by Asahi.
About our name and logo.
Each of Asahi’s quilt is handmade by our artisans. The quality is significantly different from mass-produced goods made overseas. The Japanese katakana letters symbolize Asahi’s pride in producing with quality. Using the old-fashioned “64 pattern” from the era of mechanical production as the basis for our production allows us to simultaneously express more than half century of tradition and permanent freshness. Using our stitching as a base for our brand image, we expose Japanese quilting, which is rarely produced in today’s Japan, to a wider world than the moving and transportation industry, wherein they are most commonly used at the moment.
Our goal
We basically produce protective materials made from quilt. We are proud of our production both as quilt makers and as Japanese manufacturers. We want to present the J Quilt brand to the world to express this pride.
The J-Quilt is a new challenge for us.
Since the beginning of mass production through outsourcing, cheap products have flooded the market, and the era of value ruling over quality has lasted for a long time.  In response to this last half a century, we have focused on quality and in-house production instead. By hand-producing and ensuring quality through touch, we have managed to offer satisfaction and safety to our customers and created our corporate image today. 
Today, we look forward to the next 50 years of monozukuri craftsmanship. We want to accept new challenges while building products based on the expertise that we have accumulated so far.  We want to use the high quality quilts produced in our factory in Japan for:
・Creating professional products that can quickly protect anything in the world.
・Promoting the Japanese culture of high efficiency and high quality protection and its waste-free reuse culture across the world.
・Striving to make our staff proud of their profession, we always aim for quality improvements and work with dreams, hope, and courage.
That is “J Quilt”.
Product lineup
Quilting products
Fit cover
Quick, beautiful, and easy wrapping
The Asahi fit cover (formerly the Asahi high pad) was first released 37 years ago It has become much-loved over the years as the standard for moving materials.
Product characteristics
It allows easy wrapping through simple covering of an object regardless of its shape, size, or weight.
It allows a beginner to beautifully wrap like a professional.
It can be reused as many times as required, which saves material and cost.
It does not require cutters or tape, which means there is no wastage.
It allows speedy work and saves time.
Example products
Quilt storage cases, safety covers (flat covering blankets), anti-slip mats, and sofa covers.
Belts, ropes
Example products
Square swivel belts, flat ropes, PP bands, starching films, belt lashing, and eco bands. 
Packaging materials
Example products
Double-sided adhesive product labels, reattachable labels, tape, wrapping materials for dishes, rolling cardboard, air caps, cardboard cases, hanger boxes, hanger cases, and corrugated plastic hanger boxes.

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