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Yoroduko Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

□ x 10,000 = ∞, infinite that we wish to occur, 

Our spinning machines have an incredible speed and sufficient power to perform the metal squeezing process. Precise manufacturing achieved only by skilled technicians. Combining the two makes it possible to express countless variations of metals.  Combining the manufacturing that machines excel at with precision processes that can only be performed by technicians allowing us to achieve a precision that exceeds the requirements.  This is the fusion power of Yorozushibori.
 The squeezing process alone cannot produce a product. Even with powerful spinning machines, a technician’s hand power is always required to achieve the necessary accuracy. Yorozushibori contains everything available. A range of spinning machines allows us to perform mass production of squeezing processed products with diameters from 30 mm up to 3200 mm.


Sales Pitch

Special processing technology that supports advanced scientific and technological industry
From IT-related to biotechnology
 Yorodu Shibori’s special processing technology supports various cutting-edge, epoch-defining technologies, such as IT and biotechnology.
Our products are widely used in the medical field, physics, chemistry, and food chemistry research and in the production of airplane parts, which are difficult to manufacture and require high precision, experimental equipment, as well as other fields.
Diameter 3.2 m and stainless steel thickness up to 10 mm.
The production of large-diameter parabolic antennas is made possible using our 3.2-m super-large spinning machine. As well as our super-large spinning machine for cold working 10-mm thicknesses of stainless steel. 
Our well-equipped facility and advanced technical skill respond to diverse situations by generating creativity.
Spinning technology used for the interface with the world
Satellite communication, broadband: Information and communication is diversifying. Yorozu Shibori’s technology is used in the parabolic reflectors necessary for these communications.
We can accommodate both special orders and mass production, making a diverse range of products from small-diameter items at 30 cmφ to large items with diameters of 3.0 m.
An efficient workflow where everything starts with planning
Produce the product specified in a drawing. It sounds simple; however, it is not necessarily so. It requires not only technology but also the metal -working knowledge to support it. We devise a plan that takes production budgets, deadlines, and all other factors into consideration. We effectively match the needs of our customers with our technology.
Winding, spinning, welding, assembling, one-stop service
Many ideas are necessary to create one product.  If labor is divided between each stage of processing, transportation costs will be huge.  Yorozu Shibori is a one-stop metalworking service.  From planning, can production, spinning, welding, and grinding to assembling and inspection. Every step of processing is conducted using our in-house integrated system. 

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