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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:02

GFT Co., Ltd.

A full-service assembly manufacturer covering design, production, inspection, and assembly

Our company supports the integrated production of all kinds of automation equipment and assembly machines, and realizes efficient production lines. We are proud of our ability to supply products in all fields with high quality and quick delivery times. We support your production as a comprehensive assembly manufacturer.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and strengths
As a full-service assembly manufacturer, our company operates an integrated production system covering design, procurement, assembly, and inspection of all kinds of machines, to help streamline the customer's production line. We can deal with comprehensive requests on all devices, from concept design to shipment inspection. Alternatively, you can also make any requests for individual processes or a single process. We will examine them one by one to propose a unique product for our customer.
Product/technology outline
We will design, procure, assemble, and inspect machine tools and industrial machines on your behalf. Our company has completed many projects on automobile-related machines, semiconductor/LCD equipment, machining tools, and other models, covering design, manufacturing, assembly, and inspection. We can handle a wide range of products, including electronic components for PCs and smartphones, and the electronic components for printers (large and small). In mechanical and electrical design, our designers create plans that improve efficiency or solves problems for the machine completely. We keep making improvements until the target is cleared and propose the optimum device to the customer.
About business matching
Since its establishment in 2007, our company has been dedicated to the design, procurement, assembly, and inspection of machining tools, semiconductor/LCD equipment, industrial machinery, and automated/labor-saving machines. We have been fortunate enough to have worked with so many customers. In recent years, especially in the high-tech field, manufacturers are required to reduce the size and improve performance/quality, while reducing costs.  Our company will aim to become a reliable partner who meets customer's needs efficiently and quickly to help them advance into the world arena.

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