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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:02

Saac Cybernation Co., Ltd.

From design, production to adjustment of various automatic control panels and operation panels. We create optimal designs for the production site.

By making full use of the accumulated technology and experience since our founding, we meet the diversifying customer needs in all aspects, such as solutions, quality, delivery times, and after-sales support.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our main operation includes production line design, electronic design, control system design, and control panel production, and we provide one-stop solutions to them all, including mechanical design. In the production line design, we can create a suitable plan for customer's needs, regardless of the scale of the line. In electrical and electronic design, we create more sophisticated circuit plans using our in-depth knowledge and solid technical skills in both digital and analog design. Regarding control system design, where production facilities are getting more automated, there is always a need for a control system that adds movement to the facility. As for the design and production of control panels, our company has a proven track record as we have engaged in the business since our establishment, and we can handle everything from design to production.
Main product/technology outline
Based on our experience and track record in designing machines, test equipment, and control parts in various industries, we can propose ideas for solving problems that customers have. In addition to the design of production lines and machines, we can create the production site. Moreover, we offer one-stop solutions that meet the diverse needs of each customer. Placing bulk orders for the entire manufacturing process allows us to consolidate the contact points and help alleviate the load of management tasks.
About business matching
Since its establishment in 1975, our company has designed and installed control panels for industrial machinery and machining tools and has thrived while helping Japan develop as an industrial power. We could not have achieved today's success without your support, and I am deeply grateful. 

Currently, looking at the presen situation surrounding control panels, demand is increasingly on the rise. Enhanced productivity is critical in maintaining a prosperous consumer society. Expectations for control panels are growing. In light of these circumstances, we have reached a solid foothold and have taken on management with a clear vision for the future. We hope to become a company that always incorporates new perspectives, even when constructing a new office building and securing young people so that we can move toward a great future.

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