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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:32

almo. Co., Ltd.

We work from die making to finishing using the in-house integrated production of “aluminum alloy castings.” 

We perform the in-house integrated production for all necessary works from drawings for aluminum alloy production to die and mold production, casting, machining, and finishing. We develop and manufacture production facilities in-house, such as melting furnaces and casting machines.  We also design and manufacture the dies that are a fundamental requirement for producing castings in-house.

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Sales Pitch

Aluminum casting by Almo
Achieves surprisingly low prices and quick delivery
We can thoroughly limit time wastage and cost by conducting every step in-house from the design of casting plans and die and mold designs to trial casting and the correction of issues in casts.
High technological capability enables complex casting shapes
Using shell molds as a core enables producing complex and hollow shapes. Based on more than 30 years of experience, we conduct the entire process of this technique in-house from die and mold design to shell molding. 
Beautiful castings finished by craftsmen
“Is this really casting?” The surface roughness of our products is even such to an extent that it prompts this type of question.  We can express the beauty of satin finishes, mirrored surfaces, and hairlines on any flat or curved surface.

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