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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:11

Japan Antivirus Res. Inst., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

[An international patent has been applied for.] Soluble calcium hydroxide (for disinfection, antivirus measures, and deodorization)
A new material, soluble calcium hydroxide, which complies with cosmetic or quasi-drug standards. Since conventional calcium hydroxide solutions are turbid and produce deposits, although they excel in disinfection as well as deodorization performance, only solutions extracted from calcium hydroxide solutions via a filtration system or the like have been used. However, although the extracted solutions are clear, calcium contained in them recrystallizes, clogging the nozzle of a spray container or remaining on an object even after rubbing off. When the soluble calcium hydroxide that we have successfully developed dissolves in water, a colorless and transparent solution can be generated without deposits. Furthermore, since the calcium does not recrystallize, we are jointly developing materials not only of everyday things, but also quasi-drug, cosmetics, etc. with companies interested in using calcium as raw materials. In addition, although many conventional medical fluids are in the form of solutions, our new material is "powder." One ton solution can be made from only 1 kg of powder. Accordingly, transportation costs can drastically be reduced, and the soluble calcium hydroxide does not require much space for storage.
◆Disinfection performance (bacteria or virus/disinfection percentage)
Escherichia coli/99.9%
Vibrio parahaemolyticus/99.9%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa/99.9%
◆Deodorant percentage (ingredient/deodorant percentage)
Hydrogen sulfide/99.8%
Acetic acid/93.3%

[International patent] Technology for producing water-soluble tablets, which completely dissolve in water, made of all types of powder
The technology enables the production of tablets, which quickly dissolve in water, from all types of powder without the use of any carbonic acid blowing agents (carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, etc.).
*Since all tablets are made from food materials, powder used for food can be solidified.
Use applications
-Instant tea
-Powdered flavoring
-Powder detergent
*However, if tablets are produced from non-water soluble powder, the tablets will not dissolve in water.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
The effectiveness of calcined scallop shell calcium as a bactericidal and antimicrobial agent has already been proven by evidence from inspection agencies. However, it has not been commercialized as an industrial product. We can assume that no one was able to fully utilize the properties of this material. Our company spent many hours on basic research to understand its properties, and this resulted in our production of a new material. International patent application filings regarding this material were planned for 2017. This will completely change the concept of calcic water, so multiple companies are involved in the product development phase. 

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells chemical-free sterilization agents, antibacterial agents, and deodorant products under the HOTAPA brand. We also conduct R&D for new materials and technologies. In 2016 we filed international patent applications for a multi-purpose water-soluble and easily disintegrated tablet technology (soluble tablets). We applied this technology to develop HOTAPA White laundry detergent in 2017. This product is currently being covered by YAHOO! News, magazines, and other media outlets while still in pre-order status on the Makuake cloud funding site. 


[Representative's message]
We will differentiate our company from the competition through our technological strength rather than imitating existing products on the market. We hope to finish developing an antibacterial master batch as soon as possible as it can be used on plastics, paper, glass, and fiber products. We will be very pleased if this master batch can be used by many more companies. This is in addition to our multi-purpose water-soluble and easily disintegrated tablets as well as our new bactericidal and antimicrobial agents.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has been operating an OEM business under the HOTAPA brand. We hope to develop an instant tea tablet that does not require individual wrapping and a laundry detergent tablet with no need to measure the amount. We will then approach potential customers who need bactericidal and antimicrobial agents with a new material, for which international patent filings were planned for 2017. 

[Awards and media coverage]
GetNavi magazine (February 2016); Nikkei MJ newspaper (April 2016); GetNavi magazine (May 2016); Zaikai Nippon magazine (July 2016); NHK, “Keizai Frontline” (November 2016); NHK, “Ohayo Nippon,” (November 2016); Bi ST magazine (April 2017); Yahoo! News (April 2017); GetNavi magazine (May 2017).

[Intellectual property]
Excipient for tablet, and tablet (international patent, and Japanese Patent Application No. 2016-128150).

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