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Latest update: 23/02/2018 02:07:05

Leger Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We can manufacture accessories with a high degree of freedom in shape by titanium casting. This feature is globally rare and enables differentiation from other companies. We can handle high-mix low-volume production by integrated in-house manufacturing. Our products feature good biocompatibility, light weight, great toughness, and strong rust resistance because they are made of pure titanium. They are popular among our customers for these features. We are strongly focused on sales through our own web sales site to achieve high profit rates.

[Business description]
Our company plans, manufactures, and sells pure-titanium accessories and miscellaneous goods. We independently developed a small melting furnace for titanium in 1997. We provide skin-friendly pure-titanium accessories for people with metal allergies. This is done through our own web sales site, mail-order sales services, various retail stores, and events. We do everything from planning to manufacturing and sales.

Metal product working

[Representative's message]
Our accessories made by titanium casting are globally rare products. We have been conducting studies for 20 years to establish comprehensive basic titanium processing technologies that are not limited to accessories. We are confident that the market for consumer products made of titanium will continue to grow. We are a pioneer of titanium casting, and we will develop long-life products with emphasis on metal allergies. We will focus on making use of J-GoodTech to cultivate markets. We hope we will be able to help customers solve the issue of metal allergies. We will enable them to enjoy dressing-up and wearing wedding rings.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will cultivate new markets in Japan by actively promoting sales activities. We will participate in exhibitions and make use of J-GoodTech and other matching sites, as well as matching events held by local financial institutions and so on. Our activities include recruiting partners through our website and product proposals to companies seeking merchandise to handle. We will attract visitors to our website and increase sales by means of Google AdWords and SNSs as well as by having our press releases actively appear in the media. We do not intend to reorganize our system, but we will secure new human resources according to future sales.

[Awards and media coverage]
Business Innovation Plan approval based on the Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises (2002).

The Japan Titanium Society, contribution to “Titanium” Vol. 65 No. 3 (2017); many previous appearances in the media such as YOMIURI ONLINE, Asahi Shimbun Digital & m,, and so on.

Class III License for Marketing Medical Devices (License No. 15X3X00002) (renewal not applied for after license expiration)

[Intellectual property]
“Leger” registered as a trademark in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China; utility model registration for our aroma capsule; utility model registration for our nitroglycerin pill case; and so on.

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