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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:09

Yamada Kougaku Kougyou Co., Ltd.


The ellipsoidal mirror is the most efficient optics element of introducing the light that there was from one point into one point. Because a reflection is it-based, there is not wavelength dependence. A visible UV increase reflection film coat is done.

The parabololic mirror does the light that went out of one point in parallelism. One point can converge by the light that was incident on parallelism. In addition, it is an optics element changed plane wave for plane wave in a spherical surface wave by a spherical surface wave.

The concave mirror is used by view simulators. The shape produces it to the specifications of the visitor.

The metal mirror is plane, and there are a concave, a convex, aspheric mirror.

The aspherical lens is brought close to an aplanat lens except spherical aberration, comatic aberration to obstacle most in the case of exact optics. It is used for laser fusion, an examination of the fundus, a light measurement.

The scan mirror can scan to 2,000mm at the maximum。

【Introduction】 This is a light source unit for macroscopic observation lighting used in the flaw detection of the mirror-finished surface,the final and most difficult process in the processing of Si,GaAs wafers. 【Features】 Defects which are distinguishable only by veteran class inspectors can be easily observed by lighting of over 400,000luxes(when the irradiation area is 30mm in diameter). Since a halogen lamp is use as the light source,the color temperature is high,3400°K,and the irregularities of illumination and color are small so that stable and sharp lighting is always secured. The use of a cold mirror reduces the influence of heat from 1/2 to 1/3 that in case of the conventional aluminium mirror. The beam diameter is continuously variable from 30 to 50mm by lens adjustment. The foot switch permits easy tow steps change over of high and low illumination observation.The quantity of light can be controlled by volume adjustment.


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