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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:09

Yamada Kougaku Kougyou Co., Ltd.

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Sales Pitch

By applying precise aspheric surface processing, our company can produce high-precision special mirrors.
The origin of our technological capability is the self-manufacturing of production equipment through our original techniques. In our company, we independently design as well as produce vapor deposition equipment and perform vapor deposition. This allows us to develop new vapor deposition methods including new production equipment and swiftly prepare or adjust processing equipment in response to customer needs.
In recent years, our company and another famous company filed a joint patent application for railroad-related technologies (contact wire wear measurement and pantograph bounce measurement). In fact, we have sold products related to these technologies: For example, we delivered a double-fiber type pantograph bounce measuring instrument for Japan Railways. 
Recently, by applying aspheric surface processing technologies, we mainly produce (1) special mirrors used for optical systems of semiconductor manufacturing equipment or for devices of plasma or liquid crystal displays, (2) astronomical observatory telescopes, (3) solar simulators, and (4) pantograph bounce measuring instruments for railroads. We deliver our products mainly to optical equipment manufacturers, electronics companies, national or private laboratories, JAXA, astronomical observatories, university laboratories in and outside Japan, and railroad companies, etc. 

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We can apply our sophisticated aspheric surface processing technology to manufacture special reflecting mirrors with high precision. This technological strength comes from the customized production equipment that we developed in-house using original methods. Designing, manufacturing, and operating our vapor deposition equipment means that we can quickly develop a new deposition method or modify the existing method including production equipment based on customer needs. Recently our company has also jointly filed patent applications with one of the leading railway companies and achieved satisfactory results. This relates to railway-related fields such as trolley wire wear measurement and pantograph bounce measurement. We have delivered double-fiber wire separating measurement tools to Japan Railways. 

[Business description]
Our company is an optical product manufacturer specialized in high-precision aspheric reflecting mirrors. Recently we have been working with applications of aspheric surface processing technology. We manufacture mainly special reflecting mirrors used in optical systems for semiconductor equipment or plasma and liquid crystal displays. Our main products also include astronomical observatory telescopes, solar simulators, and optical wire separation measuring tools for railways. These products are delivered to optical device manufacturers, electric appliance manufacturers, national and private research institutions, JAXA, various astronomical observatories, university laboratories both in Japan and overseas, and railway companies. 

Aspheric reflecting mirror manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our company is an optical product manufacturer specialized in high-precision aspheric reflecting mirrors. We particularly excel at manufacturing high-precision elliptical mirrors and parabolic mirrors, even for small lot sizes or customized products. Our advanced technologies in the production of high-precision aspheric reflecting mirrors allow us to satisfy various needs from our customers. This includes domestic Japanese and overseas companies, universities, and research institutions. We hope to offer unique ideas through J-GoodTech that no other companies can come up with. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Markets for semiconductor equipment and plasma, liquid crystal, and organic EL production systems are currently expanding globally. We want to cultivate new markets by promoting our high-precision elliptical mirror and parabolic mirror production technologies that we nurtured while working with domestic Japanese manufacturers. We are targeting domestic Japanese and overseas manufacturers in the same market. Our high-precision aspheric reflecting mirrors can be offered in small lot sizes for universities and research institutions that want to use the mirror as a sample or measuring tool. We will develop new products and new markets by satisfying such individual needs, and by developing new applications for our technologies.

[Intellectual property]
Trolley wire wear measurement optical system and trolley wire wear measurement unit (joint application with Railway Technical Research Institute and Hitachi High-Technologies, Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 2007-24683); method and device for detecting pantograph bounce (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application Nos. 2009-183088 and 2012-125109). 

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