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Touyou Densou Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

What the TDX Brand (IoT system development business) can do for you
Solving common problems with "IoT"
My company is interested in "IoT," but doesn't know what to do about it.
-> IoT is a means of achieving your goals.
Introducing IoT without clarifying your goals will not be effective.
At first, please consider your goals--what you want to do.
◎Depending on your goals, one division of a company may have a different problems to those of another division of the company.
We will propose IoT tailored to each problem.
e.g. Personnel and Administration: Reducing overtime hours and improving employee satisfaction
Manufacturing site: Increasing production volume, reducing the percentage of rejects, boosting yield, and so on

By using "IoT," my company is willing to do this or that. However, my company does not know anyone  on whom we can count.
->By considering your goals, we will develop or select devices. In addition, we can perform installation and maintenance.
"We will visit the site together with the customer as much as possible and empathically make effective proposals!"
Merits of introducing IoT: Production volume can be increased, and employee satisfaction can be improved.
[Improving operating efficiency through digitalization and visualization of tasks]
◎Analyzing digitalized data clarifies waste.
"Reducing the number of processes" and "reducing work hours"
◎Digitizing know-how held by skillful engineers will stabilize product quality.
"Educating new employees and inheriting technology," "solving a labor shortage through automation," and "reducing the percentage of rejects -> cost reduction"
[Eliminating waste through automation]
◎Changing the data collection method from manual means to automated means will enable real-time check and eliminate careless miss caused by manual data input!
"Reducing man-hours -> reducing overwork time and stress" 
Entrusted development
If your company has decided what to do but does not know who to talk to about selection and development of devices, our engineers will assist you in solving the problem.

We can assist you if you have the following issues:
"We want to transmit data sent from the sensor, but we are not sure which device we should choose."
"We want to extract data from the equipment, but we do not know how to do it."

Examples of products for which IoT is used--It is up to you how you use them.
Inventory control system using RFID
Enabling unified management of information on "who, when, and what."
Further facilitating inventory control including taking out and returning.
(e.g.) Managing tools, clothes, uniforms, as well as chemicals, and taking inventory

Establishing a remote monitoring system for which LPWA (LoRa) is used
Remote monitoring and management via remote control is made possible.
A private communication system can reduce running costs.
(e.g.) Remote warning systems for reservoirs, manhole pump remote systems, and alpine accident victim rescue systems
Entrance and exit display systems and destination display systems
From analogue indication to digital indication
The large-sized monitor is eye-friendly, and the touch panel allows for easy operation. You can easily check conditions of humans and things.
Digitization visualizes not only humans, but also things in relation to a meeting room, seat locations, equipment conditions, etc.
(e.g.) Attendance and leaving, room usage conditions, and equipment operating conditions

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We believe in providing one-stop services for our products as a manufacturing company, including product development and customization, according to the customer’s use and request. Our infrastructure network department excels at constructing wireless LAN networks based on the 4.9 GHz band. Our IP67-compatible devices are suitable for outdoor use as they enable long-distance transmission between access points up to an optical distance of 3 km. Even videos are transmitted smoothly because of the fast data transfer of up to 300 Mbps. There are many cases in which our devices have been adopted for social infrastructure such as expressways. 

[Business description]
Our company started out designing switching boards and automatic control panels as its main business. Our lines of business have now expanded to include infrastructure networks as well as welfare and nursing care systems in addition to our control panel operation. We offer design, construction, operation, and maintenance services. This includes control panels for water authorities, switching boards for public systems, roadside data transmission units, and wireless LAN networks based on the 4.9 GHz band. Our welfare and nursing care system unit manufactures and sells watching seat sensors and related optional devices. They also provide network construction service for nursing facilities. 

Manufacturing; telecommunications equipment

[Representative's message]
Our company started out as a design service provider for control panels. We have expanded our lines of business since then, but we could not have gone this far without the cooperation of our partner companies. I believe this will remain the same in the future. We want to cultivate new markets involving unfamiliar business categories and companies. We will do this by applying our agile, flexible response capabilities to actively offer solutions to requests shown on J-GoodTech’s Information Board. We also hope to develop new products jointly with SMEs and find new partner companies. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company recently set up a sales promotion team and created an organizational framework for promoting sales through new methods that we had not been able to fully support. These include media and exhibitions. We have produced a website and catalogs on our own, and we will create high-quality content by clarifying the merits of our offerings. We also intend to find partner companies to drive usage in order to create various solutions using 4.9 GHz band wireless LAN networks. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, two products mentioned in its new product catalog (June 2017). 

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