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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:19

Matsushita Industry Corporation

Our company manufactures casting cores, files, and core deburring robots. We provide products that help improve the quality of core molding and reduce costs. We contribute to environmental maintenance and cost reduction with fluidized roasters and RCS kneaders that regenerate defective core sand.

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Promoting rationalization and quality improvement by actively using "core" robots
Our company has been introducing robots from an early stage to respond to various needs and always provides uniform and high-quality products. We create and use a database of cultivated technologies to thoroughly manage numerical values about processing temperature and dimensional accuracy. While pursuing quality and accuracy improvements, we have realized labor-saving and rational processes.

Manufacturing sites change dramatically for high-mix low-volume production, high quality, and short-time delivery. We are pursuing faster, more rational, and higher-quality products in response to these needs.

While pursuing micron-level accuracy, we are developing new processing and casting methods for mold cores. We are establishing a production system that can be quickly linked to the latest movements in the industry. We are selecting raw materials and building systems based on recycling. We are actively working to create an environment that expands the possibilities of casting.
Robots and equipment - Pursuing certainty and work efficiency
■ 6-axis deburring robots
Our company has more than 20 years of experience. We have been steadily accumulating actual work results for other facilities. During robot operation, the operator has time to perform core inspections such as filling defects. The improved deburring accuracy allows one operator to operate multiple machines.

■ Shell machines
We are working independently on the development of shell machines. The machines have a feature in that the operator can always monitor the temperature through thermography. The operation panel supports Japanese, English, and Portuguese. Air pressure, shot count, and cycle time data is sent to the server in real time.

■ Fluidized roasting furnaces and RCS kneaders
Bad core sand is regenerated. Resin coated sand (RCS) is fired in a fluidized roasting furnace and reproduced again by using a kneader. The kneader is a regenerator that has advantages not only in environmental protection but also in cost reduction and has great future potential.
A low-cost, high-quality tool that has been used for many years and has been improved
"File" is necessary for the deburring work of a core manufacturer.
Our company started importing files designed in Japan and produced in China for in-house use to reduce costs. We then initiated the file business by providing the files to companies of the same line. We offer high quality files at low prices.
We can also manufacture products that are made to order. We have a design department that responds to detailed requests from customers.

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