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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:13

lestyle Inc.

A company that promotes everyday excitement 

Our company’s representative Naotaka Adachi gained retail business knowledge and know-how from his former work at a major department store. This and our business organization with a consumer focus can be said to greatly differentiate our business. He was also a long-time member of headquarters sales planning, so he excels at promotion, planning, networking, business design, and other operations. Above all he made friends in an area in which he had absolutely no previous experience. He began with prototyping with his own hands, and completed a product that could be commercialized in just a little longer than a year. He obtained three subsidies in that development process, and finished filing two patent applications. He is confident in his ability to involve others and in his strong will to do something all the way until the end.


Sales Pitch

Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and features
Our Posket service aims to establish a "produce locally, consume locally" distribution system designed specifically for the community in an attempt to solve the social issues of people finding it hard to do the shopping and the need to revitalize the regional economy.

The Bosket Service promotes delivery services through all retailers and service businesses in a consumer’s region. The aim is to correct the old situation of regional supply and demand where consumers and producers/suppliers had existed at random. The service increases convenience in the lives of double-income married couples, senior citizens, people raising children, and other people who find it hard to do the shopping. Regional businesses can also use the box smart key, payment function, advertising function, and other features to connect to potential regional customers, and further expand their markets. These functions can also be used between individuals, which is useful in sharing, transferring unnecessary articles, and revitalizing local exchange.
Overview of main products and technologies
Our Posket service is characterized by two major concepts: a one-stop platform (designed to be used locally), and a flexible functional design (designed for both service recipients and providers). 

- One-stop platform: equipped with functions that directly connect consumers to service providers.
(1) Find someone at the other end: Consumers can find a nearby shop, while shops can find a potential consumer in the community.
(2) Consultation, order, payment: No problem for businesses with or without an Internet payment function.
(3) What to do when unavailable: An IoT box connected to an application both delivers and collects orders.
(4) Advertising: Service businesses can place ads for potential customers.
(5) C-to-C: This enables transactions between individuals, such as the transfer of unnecessary articles and community activities.

- Flexible functional design: Specifications designed specifically to lower the barriers for introducing and using a service.
(1) Establishing a service business: This requires no intricate management typically conducted for EC shops.
(2) Chat-type communication: Consumers and service providers can hold business talks in the way they hold a chat.
(3) Points: Consumers pay with pre-purchased points, which makes transactions easy.
(4) Lightweight, foldable, battery-powered: No need for initial expenses or space. *Patents applied for.
(5) Key trouble: If the smart key is defective, the system can be unlocked with a physical key. *Patents applied for.
Toward matching
Through J-GoodTech, we aim to use Posket as infrastructure to explore sales channels for industries and business segments as listed in (1) to (4) below, where operators can jointly set up enterprises rooted in the community.
(1) Gas, electricity, newspaper, and other companies having a customer base rooted in the community
(2) Local businesses aiming to revitalize the regional economy
(3) Companies aiming to revitalize newspaper delivery centers, convenience stores, and other existing local centers
(4) Manufacturers that can collaborate in further enhancing Posket technology