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A technology company that keeps pushing forward

Coating and lining techniques that apply the characteristics of fluororesin prevent issues such as adhesion, corrosion, elution, and electrostatic charging from occurring during the manufacturing process, improving equipment durability, labor-saving efficiencies, and safety. This technique is utilized in various fields including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, liquid crystal panel, and paper and pulp manufacturing industries.

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Contributing to the development of industry globally with fluorine coatings
Antistatic fluoropolymer coated "EC series"
We have achieved world-class antistatic properties.
The material is also nonadherent and corrosion resistant.
This is the fluoropolymer-coated EC series.

EC series is an innovative fluoropolymer coating that can prevent electrostatic charge. It enables antiexplosion measures to be implemented while maintaining all of the other characteristics of fluoropolymer. This achieves safety by helping to prevent accidents caused by static electricity.
Ceramic coating
Next-generation surface treatment with high hardness and excellent release properties

A new type of surface treatment with higher hardness and better release properties. The high hardness is expected to significantly improve abrasion resistance and scratch resistance compared to existing fluoropolymer coatings. 
Moreover, it has better release properties for high viscosity objects compared with that of fluoropolymer coatings.
Commonly, beneficial release properties for high viscosity objects are achieved using surface roughening coating and are applied through thermal spraying. However, the NF-5340 series has achieved smooth surfaces with good release properties.  Its white color enhances its visibility during cleaning. 
Richil lining
“Can you make a thicker fluoropolymer lining?”
 ― This question from our customers led to the development of “Richil lining.”

Richil lining is an innovative thick baking fluoropolymer lining with 1–3-mm standard thickness.  It has achieved adhesion to base metals and seamless coating, which was impossible with previous sheet lining. Its application and possibilities are unlimited. 

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