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AMCON Corporation was the first in the world to commercialize a multi-disc screw press type sludge dewatering machine called Volute™ in 1990. We are a water treatment equipment manufacturer with a wealth of knowhow about this system.

Our company is a water treatment equipment manufacturer. We commercialized the world's first sludge dewatering machine based on the multi-disc screw press system called Volute™. We have a wealth of knowhow  about the system. We have a proven track record of overseas deliveries as well as knowledge regarding sludge dewatering. Our company manufactures and sells water treatment related equipment. We also provide building equipment maintenance and emergency action services. Our business includes water quality inspection and various environmental analyses.

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Product lineup including Volute™ dehydrator
Sludge dehydrators and concentrators
AMCON's proprietary technology - Volute™ dehydrator which is different from others
Volute™, revealed by AMCON in 1991, has revolutionized sludge dewatering technology. If a dehydrator has its filter clogged, the filtrate drainage will be significantly impaired, and the dehydration performance will decrease. AMCON's dehydrator is equipped with proprietary Volute™ technology. Since the filter body is self-cleaned mechanically at the same time as dehydration, stable continuous dehydration is possible without relying on washing water to prevent clogging.
Unique strengths of Volute™
・ No clogging 
・ Oil-containing sludge OK
・ Low concentration sludge OK / OD reaction tank direct dehydration method
・ Applicable to various industries
・ Abundant lineup 
・ Compact installation
・ Easy operation 
・ Easy maintenance
・ Excellent expandability
・ Power saving and water saving design
・ Low noise
・ Two-year warranty and after-sales service
◆ Product lineup
〇Sludge service tankless model
〇With sludge service tank
〇New Technology Classification by Japan Sewage Works Agency
〇Standard specification of Japan Sewerage Corporation
〇Car with dehydrator
〇Sludge thickener
* Models are available according to customer needs. A real machine test (loan) is also possible in the customer’s environment.
Sludge dewatering and drying system / Sludge dewatering and fermentation system
◆ Sludge dewatering and drying systems (products exclusively for Japan)
By drying and issuing dehydrated cakes, disposal sludge is greatly reduced. We propose sludge treatment with zero disposal cost.
〇SP series (electric heat source)
〇K series (steam heat source)
◆ Sludge dewatering and fermentation systems (products exclusively for Japan)
〇Del Component DC Series
Water treatment chemicals - Chemicals available for various wastewater treatment facilities
◆ Hybrid V® Series polymer flocculants
Hybrid V is a polymer flocculant with an excellent flocculating effect. The product can be used in all kinds of wastewater treatment equipment, such as sludge dewatering machines, pressure flotation equipment, and coagulation sedimentation equipment. Ionicity has a lineup of anions, cations, nonions, and being amphoteric. You can choose from two types: liquid and powder. In addition, if the AF/AP Series polymer coagulant automatic dissolution equipment and Polymore are used, the polymer coagulant and dilution water can be automatically measured and stirred. Hybrid V is the official polymer of Volute™ dehydrator and concentrator.
◆ Hybrid W® Series (bulking inhibitors, sludge modifiers, nutrients, microbial preparations, deodorants, fats and oils treatment tanks) for powerful wastewater treatment
The hybrid W Series provides a wide lineup of products, ranging from oils and fats treatment tanks to deodorants for dehydrated cakes, and solves the following various problems that occur during the wastewater treatment process.
・ There is heavy wastewater and contamination with inhibitors.
・ Poor sedimentation by filamentous bacteria, foaming by actinomycetes, scum, etc., occur.
・ Sludge carryover occurs due to inflow load.
・ Water treatment quality has deteriorated, but the cause is unknown.
◆ Inorganic coagulant
We also offer inorganic flocculants that can be used in all types of wastewater treatment equipment, such as sludge dewatering machines, pressure flotation machines, and flocculating sedimentation equipment.
〇Polo iron (ferric polysulfate)
〇PAC (poly aluminum chloride)
Building equipment maintenance and emergency response, water quality inspection, and various environmental analyses
Building equipment maintenance and emergency response
We provide comfortable and convenient everyday life through the maintenance and emergency handling of building equipment.
Water supply and drainage facilities support a comfortable and convenient life. Firefighting equipment ensures safety against unexpected situations. There are various other facilities that support convenience and comfort. A comfortable life is supported by the normal operation of various facilities. AMCON supports a comfortable and convenient life through equipment maintenance and emergency response.
* Covered areas: Tokyo and Kanagawa (Please contact us for other areas.)
〇 24-hour emergency equipment
You cannot tell when unexpected issues with building equipment will occur. Quick recovery is desired in the unlikely event of such incidents. In addition to the periodic inspection service for equipment, we offer four types of 24-hour equipment emergency response plans. Choose one according to your needs.
〇 Inspection service
Various building facilities that support a comfortable life.
Appropriate equipment inspection is indispensable to always maintain a comfortable and convenient life. In order to prevent inconvenience for residents and owners, our facility inspections focus not only on reporting inspection data, but also on preventing problems before they occur.
・ Water supply equipment inspection
・ Drainage equipment inspection
・ Simple dedicated water supply inspection (legal inspection)
・ Building equipment periodic inspection / special building equipment periodic inspection (legal inspection)
・ Fire equipment inspection (legal inspection)
・ Other common facilities inspection
〇 Cleaning service
・ Drainage pipe cleaning
・ Drinking water tank cleaning
・ Drainage tank cleaning (sewage, miscellaneous drainage tanks, etc.)
〇 Equipment repair work
・ Renovation of plumbing equipment
・ Firefighting equipment repair work
・ Common electrical equipment repair work
・ Building air conditioning equipment repair work
・ Housing sanitary equipment repair work
〇 Red rust prevention / rehabilitation equipment NMR Pipe Tector®
The NMR Pipe Tecter® discharges the free electrons (hydration electrons) of the water itself flowing in the pipes, thereby turning the red rust in the pipes out without changing them to immobile magnetite (black rust). This is a device to extend the life of piping.
・ Extend the service pipe to more than 40 years
・ The cost is 1/5 to 1/10 of renewal of piping
・ Rust prevention device that does not use electricity
・ Installed in over 3,500 buildings in Japan and overseas
Water quality inspection and various environmental analyses
◆ Why is AMCON chosen for inspection and analysis?
・ More than 10,000 samples annually
・ Nationwide and express deliveries
・ Inspection and analysis by court registered inspection organizations
・ Easy to understand for beginners
・ Sampling containers 
・ Free shipping
・ Water sampling by professional staff
◆ Inspection menu
〇Drinking water (for corporations)
〇Drinking water (for individuals)
〇Swimming pool and bath water
〇Cooling water
〇Various drainage
〇Various inspections
・ Simple dedicated water inspection
・ Air environment measurement
・ Hygiene check
・ Radiation test

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