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Our company specializes in manufacturing steel doors, from doors with special specifications to doors with general specifications.

We are the biggest manufacturer of special doors (for protection/insulation against fire, sound, and electromagnetic waves) in Japan. Our company has been specializing in manufacturing steel doors for 99 years. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism approved and designated our fire prevention equipment "Tanafire." Our company manufactures a wide range of items, ranging from products for skyscrapers to products for houses.

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Specified fire prevention equipment (specified fire prevention equipment with glass)
"Tanafire," changing invisible doors to visible ones

The combination with special heat-resistant glass realizes bright and soft visibility even with fire doors. Such doors are effective for rescue and evacuation activities in case of fire because you can see inside through the doors.

・ Tanafire is specific fire prevention equipment certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
・There is no need for the double structure of a fire door and a glass door as before. Tanafire changes a dark environment to an open and bright one.
・ Tanafire is applicable to various fire prevention compartments with a wide range of different variations.
・ Because the inside can be seen, it is excellent for rescue activities in case of fire.
* In the event of a fire, Tanafire-S becomes clouded owing to the nature of glass, that is, when soda silicate foams.
General steel sash doors
Steel door sashes with different needs for each building. There are many cases where ready-made products cannot be used.
We can manufacture as few as one piece in the size you want. We support customers with our experience and technology.

· Doors
Heavy steel doors, AT, PAT, frame doors, lightweight doors, lightweight SAT, fire doors, airtight doors, watertight doors, sliding doors, and waterproof doors (equipment for preventing inundation)
· Sashes
Sashes for FIX windows, outside windows, inside windows, reception windows, etc.
· Gullies
Gullies for fixed rattles, FB rattles, movable rattles, etc.
· Frames
One-way frames, two-way frames, three-way frames, open frames, wooden door frames, etc.
Construction history
・ Tokyo second government building construction
・ NEC Head Office Building
・ Construction work for Yokohama International Peace Conference Center
・ Mitsubishi Bank head office
・ Meiji Gakuin University Totsuka Campus
・ Yokohama City University Hospital
In addition, we have a proven track record of construction at many government offices, general buildings, hotels and condominiums.

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