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Aisin Shoji Co., Ltd.

Total maintenance for kitchen, air conditioning, and waterworks equipment

Please feel free to consult us if you are having trouble with malfunctions in kitchen exhaust equipment, industrial air conditioning, or waterworks and sanitary equipment such as toilets. It is essential to maintain equipment and machinery on a daily basis so they will function consistently without malfunctioning. Our company will take care of any kitchen-related issues for you.

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We offer repair and maintenance services for industrial kitchen equipment
Our company is a group of kitchen equipment maintenance professionals. We maintain the optimal conditions for your kitchen exhaust system, supporting a smooth shop operation from the backyard. 

Ceasing to maintaining exhaust fans, ducts, and other kitchen equipment will leave them prone to malfunctions, and repairs and replacement will be quite costly. You may even have to close your business for a few days and incur an operating loss.

The likelihood of rising temperatures, foul smells, and pests in a kitchen will increase when the kitchen equipment is dirty. You cannot skip regular maintenance if you want to run kitchen equipment stably. Please consider the kitchen maintenance service we are offering.
1. Fire damper 
A fire damper is a device that prevents fire from spreading by closing its blades when the temperature within a ventilation duct exceeds a specific limit. However, the damper blades may not close if the damper is dirty. There are more than 40 incidents of duct fires occurring in Tokyo alone every year. We recommend regular cleaning for safety. 

2. Exhaust hood and filter
An exhaust hood in a kitchen is a device that takes in smoke and air that contain steam, oil, and fat generated by cooking. The smoke and air are discharged outside the building through an incombustible stainless steel filter. The hood and filter get dirty with oil, fat, and dust and therefore need regular cleaning. 

3. Ducts
A duct is an air pathway that takes smoke containing oil and fat from the kitchen to the outside. The exhaust hood and filter remove oil and fat to a certain extent, but some are dispersed and deposited within the duct. A duct that has not been cleaned for many years will have an accumulated layer of oil and fat that may become a cause of fire. We recommend regular cleaning to prevent the spread of fire. 

4. Exhaust fan
The smoke coming from a kitchen to a duct is discharged outside using an exhaust fan. Our company provides cleaning and maintenance services for exhaust fans, as well as repairs and replacements when they malfunction.

Sirocco fan
This kind of fan is made of many slightly curved 3 to 5 meter blades that rotate to blast air. These fans are often used because they can send a large amount of air at relatively low rotation without causing much noise and vibration. However, they tend to have many blades, thereby increasing the surface area. The air blow capacity degrades significantly particularly when oil and fat adhere to the blades. Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent it.

5. Exhaust louver
This vent hole has a louver to hide the hole while ventilating. It is also called a louvered window or a louver. It needs regular cleaning as oil and fat adhere to the surface. 
Grease Filter Rental Service
Service staff will visit your site every month and replace the filter. 

Service staff in our Grease Filter Rental Service visit the customer’s shop and replace a dirty filter with a clean one every month. The dirty filter is then regenerated in our cleaning plant for reuse. 

The filters are available in various sizes. 
This service minimizes the intrusion of oil into an exhaust duct by installing a high-performance grease filter on the ventilation hole in a kitchen. It prevents duct fire, and reduces the necessity of large-scale duct cleaning, thereby saving maintenance costs for kitchen equipment. 



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