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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:37

Shinwa Seikou Inc.

We strive to make Shinwa a world-class company

Our strength lies in our technology for precision grinding of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, and other metals, as well as resins. We have delved deep into our stance of processing any kind of material, particularly up to 300 mm squared, and with a guaranteed precision as fine as 0.01 mm. We introduced the latest 3D printer processing ahead of our competition, and are working to tackle the development of complex-shaped parts and hybrid modeled parts.

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Metal grinding
We excel at processing workpieces up to 300 mm squared. We also process single workpieces (general-purpose) and new workpieces in medium-size lots (about 1,000), whether round or angular.
Aerospace field: Toward hybrid modeled part production beyond FRP parts
We were one of the first companies to introduce 3D printer processing for FRP materials, and have accumulated know-how in this field. We are developing high-precision parts with additionally processed 3D-modeled FRP parts as aerospace industrial parts that need to be lightweight, in applications such as CubeSat small artificial satellites. We have already received orders for prototyping from numerous corporations. Our aim is to thoroughly pursue the potential of printers and build a system for next-generation Monozukuri craftsmanship, including applied processed parts of high-precision complex units based on printed modeling.

<Project participation>
Liquid-type small rocket aerial launchers (under development)
R&D in small satellite parts with additive technology
Medical and drug discovery fields: Revitalizing Japan with niche leading-edge medical fields
We are extending our business to regenerative medicine (a field including IPS cells) and its peripheral areas as well as leading-edge medical equipment.

We are accumulating knowledge and experience in medical areas in preparation for special demand in the future by participating in joint research with university hospitals from the initial stage. It is precisely because we are a smaller company that we can tackle challenging issues in niche fields. We train ourselves attentively every day aiming to satisfy our end users. 

<Project participation>
Assist chairs for X-ray photography
3D robot systems for cultivating and dispensing cells
Inserters for cartilage transplants (under development)
Local brain-cooling devices (under development)

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