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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:21


We turn your vision into reality… 
Our company continues to produce aluminum castings uses casting technology that we have been cultivating for half a century

We have the capacity to handle products with high design and aesthetic appeal. We have an integrated production system from design to casting, coating, and shipping. Our company's aluminum casting has enabled us to continuously produce aluminum castings since our foundation. We also have the ability to make VE/VA proposals that resolve customer issues.

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Sales Pitch

We provide cast aluminum building materials and parts for public facilities
We produce elaborately designed aluminum castings
Use of fine-grain synthetic sand and highly fluid alloy (3A)
Sand molds used in casting factories are made mainly of natural or synthetic sand. Our company uses synthetic sand with a small grain size to achieve fine casting textures. Moreover, our aluminum castings are made of highly fluid, corrosion-resistant AC3A (aluminum alloy castings), which makes them suitable for elaborately designed landscape products.

Support for drawings that do not show uneven surfaces and cross sections through in-depth meetings
Drawings that do not show uneven surfaces or cross sections
In the past, it was impossible to make wooden molds from drawings that do not show uneven surfaces or cross sections. Through in-depth meetings with the customer, our company supports even drawings that do not show uneven surfaces or cross sections, and helps to make casting drawings. We have the experience and proposal capabilities to consider draft gradients from product shapes and prevent defects.

Giving casting textures varied patterns to ensure a good appearance
Our aluminum castings can be given surface patterns to ensure that they look good. For example, we can add patterns to the casting surface (surfaces of castings) by attaching a piece of wallpaper with slight unevenness to a wooden mold, then making a sand mold and producing castings.

We can cast products with shapes that are difficult to produce with grinding 
Elaborately designed products that are difficult to realize with grinding or other machining methods can be manufactured with our aluminum casting. We can manufacture highly difficult products like curved shapes, complex shapes, and inner shapes with cores as integrated parts.
Integrated production system
Planning and design
We will develop general plans, image plans, and other proposals according to your requests. As soon as the plan is decided, we will proceed to give it a form by developing appearance designs and casting diagrams. The use of CAD and image processing tools makes it possible to proceed smoothly with our work even with customers at remote locations. This is how we can participate in our customer's project and cooperate in making even better products with our know-how as a castings manufacturer. 

Mold making
We make molds out of various materials taking into consideration the shape of the product, the production volume, and so on. In general, for products with a small production volume, we make models (wooden molds) out of wood. For products with a large production volume, we manufacture resin or metal molds from 3D data. These become the male molds for making sand molds (female molds) for casting. Based on the unique technology we have been cultivating from many years of experience, the molds we make in consideration of shrinkage and draft gradient are the most important things in sand mold castings.

We produce high-precision products with little variation by using technologies that take advantage of the features of sand mold casting (greensand), such as an automated modeling line, extracted modeling machine, manual casting, and so on. We also perform cutting at the gate and spout, and dimensioning cutting.

The product always develops some strain after casting, so our skilled engineers will make strain corrections manually.

Finishing and machining
We perform finishing manually to ensure that we do not overlook fine burrs. Polishing, shot-blasting, boring, and other machining are also performed according to the product specifications.

Shapes that are difficult to integrate in a casting can be welded to make even more complicated shapes.

We take advantage of our network to outsource the painting of cast products to neighboring companies. A durable coating is applied after pretreatment. (We can address various requirements such as solvent acrylic material, powder polyester material, other coating, and color tones designated by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association.)

Inspection and packing
Final inspection of painted products is carried out according to an inspection table. We determine packing specifications for each product according to your specific requirements, and the products are packed in a case together with other items to be included (such as screws and operating manuals). We decide how to ship the product according to your specific requirements (small-lot delivery, chartered vehicles, and so on).

In a word, what kind of aluminum castings manufacturer are we?
We are a company specializing in manufacturing and distributing aluminum castings, and we can handle a wide range of quantities from small lots to mass production with automatic modeling machines. We are also involved in developing new products for large manufacturers, and provide support starting from mold design for prototypes. We have a track record and experience in satisfying customer needs for exterior and construction parts, mechanical parts, crafts, and highly designed landscape parts.

Selecting materials for male molds
Our company uses sand molds for female molds and wood, resin, or metal molds for male molds in sand mold casting. We consider the years of service, number of castings, and product shape in selecting a material for the male mold to optimize your cost structure.

Reducing lead times and costs 
We can arrange two or three molds in a range of 1,500×1,100 mm in external frame dimensions, which reduces lead times to achieve changeover efficiency. We can also select a mold size according to the product dimensions, thereby helping cut costs for the molds. (We can manufacture molds with little margin for the surface plate.)
*We arrange multiple molds in a line at the same time to enable various combinations.

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