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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:38

NissinKikinzoku Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the world of silverware whose elegant luster and relaxing charms fascinate people.

I am a Shiroganeshi craftsman of "Tokyo Silverware". It is a traditional art which has been nurtured and refined by the rich history as well as culture since the Edo period. 
Muneteru Kamikawa, who is my father, the 11th owner, as well as my master, and my family members, who have been raised in Edo (Tokyo) and are composed of three sons as well as a daughter, combine the techniques, which have been the foundation of our family for generations, with new senses which the young successors have, aiming to create new-generation traditional arts and devoting ourselves to our jobs each day.

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Production and sales of precious metal jewelry
Unique, one and only Japanese traditional art that can be boasted to the world 
Our silverware craftsmen, known as “Shiroganeshi”, who have high techniques and flexible adaptability carefully produce each customized memento for the client and each piece of silverware as a gift, while maximizing the originality of the material.

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